Other Related Steel Products

In your projects, maybe you are not only need steel pipe, steel coils & sheets, and some common pipe fittings, you may need other related steel products. We show the photos and videos below. See what you need, and tell us how many pieces needed in your projects. We could find all kinds of steel products you need for you.

Photos of Special Steel Products

Special Steel Products-1

Videos of Other Related Steel Products

LSAW Steel Pipe Welded With Special Pipe Fittings

Drilling for Rectangular Steel Pipes

Different Usage of Steel

① Steel for Oil Well Pipe – In severe cold areas and for deep sea oil wells, this steel used due to its high strength, good abrasion toughness, and corrosion resistance.

② Steel for Linepipe – Line pipes made from this steel transport crude oil or petrochemical products. It has high tensile strength, extreme low-temperature toughness, hydrogen-induced crack resistance, and good weldability. It divided into tensile steel able to withstand low temperatures, and sour steel able to resist corrosion.

③ Steel for Gas Cylinder – With good machinability and pressure resistance, it used to make high-pressure containers containing gasses such as LPG, acetylene and other gases.

④ Steel for Pipe and Tube – With superb weldability and formability, it extensively used for architectural structures, pipe piles, gas pipes, and car structures.

⑤ Steel for Structure – Our products used in iron structures, bridges, ships, and motor vehicles. They also used in general structures, welding structures, and architectural structures.

And also, the steel have other applications. For more information, please contact with IBC Metal Group today. We could provide high quality & competitive for you. Tell us what you need.


IBC (Tianjin) Industrial Co., Ltd specialize in producing a variety of steel products and components for industrial use. Through complete integration, our manufacturing process is designed to develop custom-made items that cater to the demands of our clients and guarantee prolonged service life, lighter weight, remarkable mechanical features and cost efficiency. Our product range involves: Broad dimensional selection, High performance mechanisms, Meticulous geometric specifications, Specialized item production, Component fabrication solutions.

Special Steel Products-1

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