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corrugated metal roofing sheet

Galvanized Corrugated Roofing Sheets


Our continuous galvanizing line can process steel strips of thickness from 0.12mm to 0.55mm and width up to 1200mm. It applies precisely controlled uniform protective layer of Zinc on steel surface with very strong adherence.

This steel surface is further protected with a layer of Chromatic acid to ensure no surface rusting during transportation and storage.

Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Number of Corrugation11
Width Before Corrugation957 / 977mm
Width After Corrugation855 / 875mm
Standard Lengths2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 Meters or acc. to your order.
Thickness32 / 30 / 28 / 26 / 24 Gauge

IT-4 / IT-5 Industrial Profiles.

Number of Troughs4 / 5
Width Before Profiling975 mm / 1160mm
Width After Profiling755 mm / 906mm
LengthsAny Length Over 2.0 Metres
Thickness30 / 28 / 26 / 24 Gauge

Box Profile

Number of Troughs4 / 5
Width Before975 mm / 1160mm
Width After835 mm / 1006 mm
LengthsAny Length Over 2.0 Metres.
Thickness30 / 28 / 26 / 24 Gauge

Ridges (Standard) – Cover.

Thickness30/28/26/24 Gauge

Gutters (Standard) – Half Round.

Thickness28/26/24 Gauge
Crimped and Curved Sheets available on special order

Color Coated Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Color Corrugated Roofing Sheets-7


  • Width: 760mm–920mm.
  • Thickness: 0.2mm–0.8mm.
  • Length: according to the buys’ request.
  • Standard: GB, JIS, ASTM
  • Model: 750/760/820/840/880/900/920
  • Color: according to RAL standard

Available Colors for Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheet

Color: RAL Standard Color

Corrugated metal roofing is both attractive and affordable. It’s perfect for your residential or commercial building. Over 100 colors to choose from. Buy Corrugated Roofing Sheet directly from IBC Group and save. Besides the typical solid colors found almost everywhere else, we are best known for our specialty paint prints. These are colors that have been painted repeatedly giving the finish depth, texture, and a one of a kind design. More than 100 colors to choose from in corrugated metal.

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We offer a wide range of corrugated roofing sheet and services, making us your one-stop steel manufacturer supplier.

Advantages of Corrugated Roofing Sheet

Corrugated panel is an old school roofing panel that still have a modern and stylish look. The deep wavy corrugations provide a bold aesthetic and shadow like effect. Corrugated metal sheeting is affordable and it’s easy to install. It’s perfect for commercial, residential, agricultural and interior metal roofing and siding projects.

  • Low foundation cost
  • Easy construction
  • Time and labor saving

More Ways To Use Corrugated Metal Panels

Corrugated roofs in a low cost, easy to install roofing material. At half the cost of standing seam metal roofing and a lifespan that is 2-3 times as long as an asphalt shingle roof, a corrugated metal roof brings exceptional value. Besides corrugated metal panels being a great choice for roofing. You can now find corrugated metal using in popular design styles of today like farmhouse and industrial. The grooves of the corrugations on the panels add texture while the color choices are abundant, making design possibilities nearly endless. Corrugated steel panels or corrugated sheet can use on a ceiling, fence, wainscoting, or as a metal siding or accent wall panel.

Buying Your Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets.

When it comes to working out the quantity of roof cladding you need, whether it’s corrugated roof sheets, box profile roofing sheets or Tile Form roof cladding sheets. Our handy roofing calculator will do the hard work for you. Simply select your roof type and measurements and let us know which type of flashings and fixings and accessories you need. We also have a great range of Z Purlins and Roof Lights to complete your agricultural, domestic commercial or industrial roofing project.

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Roofing sheet Manufacturing Process

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