Wear Resistant Steel Plates

IBC Groups are leading suppliers of wear resistant steel plates and abrasion plate materials to the world’s yellow goods, engineering, mining and agricultural machinery sectors. We have large quantities of certified wear plate, which is designed to deliver an extended life span for equipment used in harsh environments where components are involved in moving or breaking hard and abrasive substances, such as minerals, earth, sand, aggregates and scrap metal.

Due to its high strength, hardness and exceptional wear resistance, abrasion-resistant steel plate is particularly suited to applications such as attachments for excavators and earth movers, trucks, breakers and crushers, recycling machinery, quarrying machinery, conveyors and materials handling equipment.

Scope of Abrasion-Resistant Steel PLates

Standard:ASTM A53/ASTM A573/ASTM A283; GB/T 700-2006, GB/T711-2008;
JIS G3101/JIS G3131/JIS G3106
Thickness:4mm – 30mm or as customers’ request
Width:1250mm – 1500mm or customed, 600 – 1500mm
Length:6000mm – 12000mm the size of steel sheet can be made acc. to required.

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All of the above are available as standard in 8000 x 2000 and 6000 x 2500 plates in a range of thicknesses. We can also supply non-standard sizes, which can help to manage your costs by reducing wastage in the manufacturing process.

Our plate supply operation is backed by an in-house ISO 9001 and CE Execution Class 4 accredited processing facility, equipped with state of the art steel profiling,cutting and drilling machinery. As a result we can supply wear plate cut to the ideal size for your manufacturing set-up or custom profiled and drilled components made to your precise specifications (both one-offs for prototypes and in volume).

Container Size for Transportation

Container Size:20ft GP: 5898mm (L) x 2352mm (W) x 2393mm (H)
40ft GP: 12032mm (L) x 2352mm (W) x 2393mm (H)
40ft HC: 12032mm (L) x 2352mm (W) x 2698mm (H)

What Makes Wear Plate Resistant to Abrasion and Wear?

Wear-resistant steel plates, also called abrasion-resistant or AR plate, is made from steel billets and comes in many grades. Alloys like carbon, manganese, nickel, chrome and boron are added in different proportions. The grades therefore have different mechanical and chemical properties that will produce different results in an end product.

Carbon plays a key role in making the wear plate steel abrasion-and wear-resistant because it increases the steel’s hardness and toughness. But too much carbon alloy will reduce the steel’s tensile strength, making it brittle and susceptible to cracking.

That’s why good steel making processes are vital. You need just the right “recipe” with a balance of alloying, heat treatment and chemistry to achieve the properties you want. At IBC Group, we believe we have perfected our recipe for producing steels with maximum toughness yet with a low enough carbon content to maximize plate weldability and maintain hardenability as the plate thickness increases.

Industries and Uses for Wear Resistant Steel Plates

Wear-resistant steels are used in applications where abrasion, wear and impact are the main causes of failure, not constant pressure or tension. So, such steels make the ideal choice for using in heavy-duty equipment and attachments in challenging or extreme environments.

Typical uses for IBC Group’s wear-resistant steel plate include:

  • Earthmoving equipment and attachments
  • Construction, demolition and recycling
  • Material handling, crushing and conveying
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Cement and other industrial plants
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Trucks, trailers and other vehicles

Customized AR Steel Plates Acc. to Your Requirements

IBC Group as a wear resistant steel plates manufacturer, we provide AR plate for all over the world. We have plenty sized for your choosing. Such as:

  • 10mm * 2200mm * 8000mm NM400
  • 20mm * 2000mm * 8000mm NM500
  • 12mm * 2000mm * 8000mm NM400
  • 16mm * 2000mm * 8000mm NM500
  • 30mm * 2000mm * 8000mm NM450 and others.
Wear Resistant Steel Plate

And we could customized the sizes and shapes for you. Contact us today with your requirements for Abrasion-Resistant Steel Plate.

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