ABS DH36 Shipbuilding Steel Plate

ABS DH36 shipbuilding steel plate is a kind of high strength ship plate, which belongs to shipbuilding steel. This steel is produced in accordance with the building code requirements of the classification Society and is specially used for the manufacture of hull structures.

It has good comprehensive mechanical properties, welding properties and process properties. Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacture of ship hull structures, docks, oil platforms, Marine pipelines, coastal power plants and dock facilities in ocean, coastal and inland navigation areas. If you want to know more, please contact IBC Group.

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Performance Characteristics

1. High strength: its yield strength reaches 355MPa, tensile strength reaches 490MPa, much higher than the strength of ordinary carbon structural steel.

2. Good toughness: the steel plate has excellent low temperature toughness and fatigue resistance. And it can adapt to the harsh Marine environment and long-term maritime transportation.

3. Good welding performance: ABS DH36 shipbuilding steel plate has good welding performance, convenient for cutting, bending and welding and other processing operations.

4. Corrosion resistance: The steel plate also has good corrosion resistance, which can extend the service life of the ship.

ABS DH36 shipbuilding steel plate

Manufacturing Process

Its manufacturing process includes smelting, continuous casting, rolling, heat treatment, cutting and welding. These processes ensure the purity and quality of the molten steel, thus ensuring the performance and quality of the steel plate. In the smelting process, it is necessary to strictly control the content and proportion of each element to ensure the mechanical properties and weldability of the steel plate.

Continuous casting process can improve the purity and quality of molten steel. And it can avoid the problem of impurities introduced by traditional foundry process. Rolling and heat treatment can adjust the thickness, width and other parameters of the steel plate to improve its mechanical properties and processing properties. The cutting and welding processes ensure the precision and integrity of the steel plate.

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Application of ABS DH36 Shipbuilding Steel Plate

1. Hull structure: It is one of the main materials of hull structure, used to manufacture various parts of the hull, such as the bottom of the ship, deck, bulkhead, etc.

2. Deck: The steel plate has good bearing capacity and wear resistance, and is suitable for the deck of manufacturing ships.

3. Bulkhead: Bulkhead is an important structure inside the ship. And the high strength and good toughness of this steel plate make it an ideal choice for the bulkhead.

In addition, in addition to the field of shipbuilding, it is also widely used in oil platforms, offshore engineering, bridge construction and other fields. In these fields, the steel plate also shows excellent performance and reliability. It provides a solid guarantee for the successful implementation of various engineering projects.

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