Barbed Wire Razor Wire

Barbed Wire Razor Wire is a kind of wire woven mesh structure material. Two kinds of wire, transverse and longitudinal, are interwoven into the material to form a grid-like structure. Its production material can be ordinary steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire and so on. There are two main production methods: machine weaving and hand weaving.

Barbed wire

Production Methods

1.Machine Weaving: Workers process synthetic fibers into thread-like materials and weave them on a loom. This method first requires pretreatment of the raw material to improve its strength and wear resistance. They will feed the processed raw materials into the loom and adjust the weaving structure and parameters of the loom.

By controlling the movements of the loom, such as speed, number of stitches, etc., different weaving quality and performance can be obtained. Finally, the geotextile is post-treated to improve its waterproof, sunscreen and anti-aging properties.

2. Hand weaving is the process operation of using tools or hands to interlace or hook the strips and organize them to form bars or blocks. In the production of wire mesh, this may involve cutting the wire to the desired dimensions and then hand weaving it into a grid-like structure.

Barbed Wire Razor Wire

Applications of Barbed Wire Razor Wire

1. Agricultural field:

Fencing: Barbed wire is a common fencing material in the agricultural sector, mainly used to fence poultry and livestock to ensure that they do not escape the farm or pasture.

Orchards: Build orchards with stands and guardrails to prevent fruit loss and external attacks such as wildlife invasions.

2. Industrial field:

Screen: Manufacture of various types of screens, such as sand nets and cement nets, to screen, filter and separate materials.

Isolation barriers: Build isolation barriers to protect the safety of employees and machines and prevent accidental injuries.

Steel plants, roads and Bridges, civil engineering, venues, stadiums, water conservancy, power, chemical, lightning protection and grounding industries: its high strength makes it an important material in these fields. It can be used to support structures, reinforce Bridges and roads, and protect equipment from natural disasters such as lightning.

3. Other areas:

Protection fence: Make a variety of safety railings, wall post guardrail, equipment guardrail, to ensure the safety of machinery, equipment, stations, parking lots and other areas.

Rock planting grass: The use of barbed wire razor wire powder planting grass on the rock slope of the new technology, not only to achieve the effect of slope protection, but also beautify the environment.

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