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Operation Cautions

Avoid excessive bending or impact:

When handling bullet proof metal, avoid applying excessive bending or impact forces to it, as this may damage its internal structure and reduce its bulletproof properties.

Select the right thickness and strength:

According to the actual use needs and environmental conditions, choose the appropriate metal thickness and strength. Metal that is too thin or weak may not provide adequate protection, while metal that is too thick or strong may add unnecessary weight and cost.

Regular maintenance and inspection:

The steel is regularly maintained and inspected to ensure that its surface is free of rust, scratches or other damage. If necessary, repair or replace damaged parts promptly.

Pay attention to the construction temperature and humidity:

During installation or construction, pay attention to the control of ambient temperature and humidity. Avoid construction in high temperature, high humidity or low temperature environments to prevent metal deformation or corrosion.

Bullet Proof Metal

Applications of Bullet Proof Metal

Home security protection: In terms of home security protection, it can be used to manufacture security facilities such as anti-theft doors and safes to improve the level of family security protection.

Automotive industry: In the automotive industry, this steel can be used to manufacture automobile bodies and chassis, improving the impact resistance and safety of automobiles. This is particularly important for the manufacture of luxury cars or special vehicles, such as bulletproof cars.

Combat command vehicles and personnel carriers: Bulletproof metal is widely used in the manufacture of the shell of combat command vehicles and personnel carriers to withstand enemy fire and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment inside.

Tactical vehicles and aircraft

In the manufacture of tactical vehicles and aircraft, it also plays a key role in protecting key parts of vehicles and aircraft, such as engines, cockpits, etc.

Shooting targets for training

In military training, the shooting target made of this material can effectively resist the impact of bullets and ensure the safety of training.

Bullet Proof Metal | IBC

Why Choose IBC

1. Efficient packaging and transportation services: IBC Group uses containerized drums (IBC) as product packaging. It can significantly reduce production, storage, transportation and operating costs and improve transportation efficiency. This packaging method is more space-saving than traditional packaging, easy to operate forklift trucks, reduce the trouble of manual handling, and reduce waste such as leakage and spilt materials. This efficient packaging and shipping service enables IBC Group to provide faster and more economical logistics services to its customers.

2. Quality supply chain management: Similar to other successful steel companies, IBC Group has a sound supply chain management system. By establishing long-term cooperation with high-quality steel manufacturers, we ensure the quality and supply stability of raw materials. At the same time, optimize warehousing and logistics management, improve the flow efficiency of goods, shorten the delivery cycle, and meet the emergency needs of customers.

3. Strict quality management: IBC Steel Group has established a sound quality management system. And the Group carries out strict quality testing and monitoring on the purchased steel to ensure that the products meet the relevant standards and customer requirements. At the same time, strengthen the quality management of suppliers to ensure that the steel produced by them meets the quality requirements. This strict quality management can provide customers with high-quality steel products and enhance customer trust and satisfaction.

4. Professional customer service: IBC Group has established a sound customer service system, timely response to customer needs and complaints, to provide professional technical support and after-sales service. This kind of professional customer service can solve the problems encountered by customers in the process of using steel products and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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