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Cold Rolled Steel Coil

It refers to the steel coil processed by the cold rolling process. Cold rolling process is a process of rolling hot rolled steel coil at room temperature or below recrystallization temperature. This process can further improve the hardness and strength of the steel. And that can give it excellent corrosion resistance and good processing properties.

In the production process of this steel coil, the main operating steps are as follows:

Raw material preparation: Use qualified hot-rolled steel coil as raw material to ensure that its surface has no serious defects and dimensional accuracy meets the requirements.

Pickling treatment: Hot rolled steel coil through pickling equipment to remove surface rust, oil and other impurities. This allows a clean surface to be prepared for the subsequent cold rolling process.

Cold rolling process: The pickling coils are sent to the cold mill for rolling. During the rolling process, the workers adjust the parameters of the mill such as deceleration, speed and tension according to the required plate shape and plate thickness.

Quality control: In the cold rolling process, the factory will strictly monitor the shape, thickness and surface quality of the steel plate to ensure that the product meets the relevant standards and customer requirements.

Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Cold-rolled steel plate is a steel plate formed by rolling hot-rolled steel at room temperature or below the recrystallization temperature. Its thickness is usually no more than 8 mm, no less than 0.1 mm. Moreover, the factory can customize the size according to the needs of customers. It has high hardness and strength, as well as good processability and corrosion resistance.

The operation process of this steel plate mainly includes the following steps:

Raw material selection: According to product requirements and specifications, select the appropriate hot-rolled steel as raw material.

Pretreatment: Pretreatment operations such as cutting, leveling. And removing rust and slag are carried out on hot-rolled steel. It can ensure that its surface is smooth and without defects.

Cold rolling process: The pretreatment steel plate is sent to the cold mill for rolling. During the rolling process, the workers adjust the parameters of the mill according to the desired thickness and plate shape.

Follow-up treatment: The worker performs subsequent operations such as cutting, straightening and surface treatment as needed. This can fully meet the customer’s specific requirements for the product.

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1. Automobile manufacturing

In the automotive industry, cold rolled steel coil is primarily used to manufacture bodies, chassis and other critical components to improve the strength and durability of vehicles. Its excellent physical properties make the car safer and more stable.

2. Electrical products

In the manufacture of electrical products, this steel coil can manufacture electrical shell, bracket and other components. This can ensure the structural stability of the product and electromagnetic shielding effect.

3. Canned food

The food canning industry is also an important application field of cold rolled steel. It can make canned shells to ensure the tightness and shelf life of food.

4. Construction works

In the field of construction, cold-rolled steel plates are widely used in the construction of high-rise buildings, Bridges, tunnels and other projects. It is also a structural material, such as steel structural frames, bridge panels, etc. In addition, the building exterior wall decoration, indoor partition and other parts are also inseparable from it. The high strength and wear resistance of the steel plate make the building structure more stable and durable.

5. Mechanical equipment

In the manufacture of machinery and equipment, cold-rolled steel plate is an indispensable material. It can manufacture the shell, gear, bearings and other parts of the machine to ensure the normal operation and long-term stability of the equipment.

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