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Cold rolled steel coil refers to the steel coil processed by cold rolling process. It has high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and good processing properties. In the production process, it is not heated. So there is no pitting and oxide sheet defects that often occur in hot rolling. And the surface quality is good and the finish is high.

In addition, the dimensional accuracy of cold-rolled products is high, and the performance and organization of the products can meet some special requirements, such as electromagnetic properties and deep drawing properties.

Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Process Sequence 1

Coil development: The hot rolled steel coil is unrolled from the coil so that it becomes a flat plate.

Cleaning: Use pickling or alkali washing methods to clean oil, rust and other impurities on the surface of the steel coil. This step is to ensure the cleanliness of the steel coil surface and provide a good basis for the subsequent cold rolling process.

Deoiling: Workers dip steel coils into an alkaline solution to remove oil and impurities from the surface of the steel. This helps to further improve the surface quality of the steel coil.

Pickling: The steel coil is immersed in an acidic solution to remove oxidation and rust on the steel surface. This step is essential to improve the corrosion resistance of the steel and the smooth process of subsequent processing.

Galvanizing (if required) : Workers dip steel coils into a zinc solution to galvanize the steel to improve its corrosion resistance. This step is usually based on specific product requirements and specifications.

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Process Sequence 2

Cold rolling unit: Steel coil through the cold rolling unit, cold rolling in a series of rolls several times, so that the size and thickness of the steel to meet the requirements. This is the core step of the cold rolling process and enables the coil to achieve the desired shape and properties.

Annealing: The cold-rolled steel coil is annealed to eliminate the internal stress and improve the plasticity of the steel. This step helps to improve the formability and toughness of the steel.

Steel coil levelling and straightening: the steel coil is levelled and straightened by the levelling machine and the straightening machine. So that its surface is smooth and the size is straight. This helps to ensure the quality of the coil and the smooth progress of subsequent processing.

Cutting edge and cutting head: Use the cutting edge and cutting head machine to cut the edge and cutting head of the steel coil to make the size of the steel meet the requirements.

Packaging: Packaging of cold rolled steel coils to protect the steel from corrosion and damage.

Cold Rolled Coils

Properties of Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Surface quality: The cold rolled steel coil is rolled through the roll at room temperature. So its surface quality is excellent, has a high degree of finish. And it has no defects such as pitting and oxide sheet that often appear in the hot rolling process. This superior surface quality makes this steel coil perform well in subsequent coating processing.

Dimensional accuracy: Its high dimensional accuracy can meet the needs of a variety of specific applications. Its thickness and width control are very precise, making it able to achieve a good fit with other components or materials during the manufacturing process.

Physical properties: It is mainly made of low carbon steel grade. It has good cold bending and welding properties, as well as certain stamping properties. This makes it widely used in automotive, construction, building materials, bicycles and other industries.

Chemical properties: It usually has good corrosion resistance. The factory can further improve its corrosion resistance through processes such as galvanizing, thereby extending its service life.

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