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Cold work tool steel can be made cutting, stamping, cold extrusion, cold rolling, cold forming tools and molds. This steel has excellent corrosion resistance and heat stability, which is especially suitable for manufacturing industries working at low temperatures.

It focuses on hardness and wear resistance, and its carbon content is high. The alloying elements are mainly used to increase hardenability and improve wear resistance. In the process of vacuum degassing refining, its inner quality is purified, making this steel show good properties during processing.

Cold Work Tool Steel

Applications of Cold Word Tool Steel

Cutting tools and mechanical parts manufacturing: with its excellent wear resistance, toughness and plasticity, it is often used in the manufacture of cutting tools, mechanical parts and pneumatic hammer tools and perforating tools.

Automotive industry: In the automotive manufacturing process, this die steel is a key material for the production of automotive parts, such as body components, engine parts and chassis parts.

Electronics industry: In the manufacture of electronic products, molds are used to make parts such as shells, keyboards, connectors, etc. The application of this steel ensures the precision and quality of the product.

Appliance manufacturing: The manufacture of household appliances also needs molds to produce shells and parts. And its use improves the appearance quality and market competitiveness of products.

Aerospace and weapons manufacturing: In these areas of high material performance requirements, cold work tool steel can manufacture aircraft, rockets and other vehicle components. This ensures the safety and reliability of the product.d

Cold Work Tool Steel | IBC

Advantages of IBC Group

First of all, IBC Group has excellent product quality in the field of cold-working tool steels. We use advanced production processes and materials to ensure excellent performance, stability and durability. When customers choose suppliers, product quality is often the first consideration, so IBC Group can provide high quality cold work tool steel, then it will naturally attract customers.

Secondly, the price advantage is also an important reason for customers to choose IBC Group. We are able to supply quality steel at competitive prices. When comparing different suppliers, customers are more inclined to choose products with reasonable prices and high quality.

In addition, the quality and level of service is also a key factor influencing customer choice. IBC Group provides a comprehensive range of pre-sale, sales and after-sales services, including technical support, logistics and after-sales services. These services ensure that customers receive timely and effective help and support in the purchase and use of cold work tool steel. Thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Finally, brand reputation and market recognition are also important factors in attracting customers. IBC Group enjoys a good reputation and reputation in the industry, so customers are more inclined to trust this brand when choosing. At the same time, we have a certain visibility and influence in the market, so it attracts more and more customers to buy.

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