Electric Galvanized Fingerprint Resistant Plate

Performance characteristics of Electric Galvanized Fingerprint Resistant Plate

Corrosion and rust prevention: The zinc layer can effectively isolate the direct contact between the steel and oxygen and water, thereby preventing the rust of the electric galvanized fingerprint resistant plate.

Fingerprint resistant: The fingerprint resistant coating can reduce the adhesion of fingerprints and other stains on the steel surface. So the steel surface is clean.

Good decoration: The surface of the galvanizing layer is smooth and bright, and has good decoration.

Good machinability: Due to the existence of zinc layer, this plate still maintains good machinability.

Environmental protection: Electrogalvanizing is a relatively environmentally friendly surface treatment method that produces less waste and pollutants than traditional hot-dip galvanizing.

The production process of electric galvanized fingerprint resistant plate

Cleaning: First, workers need to thoroughly clean the steel to remove oil, rust and other impurities from the surface.

Electrochemical galvanizing: Workers put the cleaned steel into an electrolytic cell containing zinc ions. Through the action of electric current, zinc ions will be deposited on the surface of the steel, forming a zinc layer.

Passivation: The zinc layer is usually passivated in the factory. This greatly improves the corrosion resistance and fingerprint resistance of the zinc layer.

Fingerprint resistant coating: A special fingerprint resistant coating is applied to the passivated zinc layer.

Inspection and packaging: The workers will check the quality of the finished products. This ensures that it meets the required standards, and then workers package and label the product.

IBC Metal Group Has More Considerate Service

Technology Leadership and Innovation:

IBC Group has advanced electrogalvanizing and fingerprint resistant processing technologies that ensure industry-leading quality, performance and service life.

The Group may continue to invest in research and development in order to adapt to the changing market and customer needs and maintain a leading position in technology.

Production line efficiency and automation:

Efficient production lines and automation equipment can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure the stability of product quality.

Through automated control, IBC Group can achieve precise monitoring of the production process to ensure that product quality meets standards.

Raw material quality control:

High quality raw materials are the basis for producing high quality products. IBC Group may have strict raw material screening and quality control processes to ensure that the quality of raw materials meets production requirements.

Establish long-term cooperative relationship with reliable raw material suppliers to ensure the stable supply and quality control of raw materials.

Strict quality inspection system:

IBC Group may have a complete quality testing system to carry out comprehensive quality testing on the production of electric galvanized fingerprint resistant plate to ensure that the products meet customer needs and industry standards.

We will strictly control the production process and repeatedly test the product. This workflow reduces the defect rate and improves customer satisfaction.

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