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Free cutting steel is an alloy steel, by adding a certain amount of one or more free cutting elements, such as sulfur, phosphorus, lead, calcium, selenium, tellurium, etc., to improve its cutting performance.

With the development of modern industry, especially the increasing demand for automation, high-speed and precision processing, its importance has become increasingly prominent. This steel is mainly used for processing on automatic cutting machines, so it is also classified as special purpose steel.

Free Cutting Steel

Performance Feature

1. Excellent cutting performance: The specific elements in this steel such as sulfur, lead, etc., can effectively improve the cutting performance of steel, reduce cutting force, improve cutting speed, reduce tool wear, thus significantly improving production efficiency.

2. machining surface quality is good: it in the cutting process, due to the improvement of cutting performance, machining surface roughness is low, high finish, can meet the dimensional accuracy and surface quality requirements of strict parts processing needs.

3. High material utilization rate: the consumption of raw materials is less during its processing. This can save a lot of materials and reduce production costs compared with traditional processing methods.

Free Cutting Steel

Product Superiority

1. Various shapes and specifications: Through cold extrusion technology and accurate mold design, high-precision free-cutting steel products with different cross-section shapes, specifications and tolerances can be produced to meet a variety of complex processing needs.

2. High processing efficiency: Because the free cutting steel has good cutting performance, it can greatly improve the processing efficiency, shorten the production cycle, and adapt to the needs of mass production.

3. Wide range of application: This kind of steel is not only suitable for the processing of automatic cutting machine tools, but also widely used in various mechanical equipment, electrical products parts, furniture, metal appliances and hardware parts and other fields, with broad market prospects.

IBC Group | Free Cutting Steel

Best Price of Free Cutting Steel | IBC

Regarding the most affordable price for free cutting steel, IBC Group can achieve it by:

1. Cost control optimization: The Group can optimize the production process, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency and other ways to ensure price competitiveness. For example, the use of advanced production equipment and technology, reduce labor costs, improve the utilization of raw materials and so on.

2. Procurement strategy: IBC Group has a strong procurement network, which can directly purchase raw materials from the source and reduce intermediate links, thus reducing procurement costs. In addition, the establishment of long-term stable relationships with suppliers also helps to obtain more favorable prices.

3. Market positioning and differentiation: Reduce costs through economies of scale and translate these cost savings into price advantages. At the same time, according to the market demand to adjust the product types and specifications to meet the diversified needs of customers.

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