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Gabion mesh machine is a kind of equipment specially used for the production of gabion net. Gabion net is a network structure woven by metal wire. Water conservancy engineering, ecological restoration, soil and water conservation and other fields are inseparable from it. This machine weaves the metal wire into the required network structure through precise mechanical movement. So as to produce the desired product.

Gabion Mesh Machine

Operation Principle of Gabion Mesh Machine

1. The wire is drawn into the automatic winch. The worker will pull the wire from the drum and tighten it to the wire mesh machine through the automatic winch to ensure the uniform tension of the wire mesh.

2. Start the wire mesh machine and draw the strained wire into a net.

3. Place the wire mesh into the bending machine. And manually control the bending machine to bend the steel wire mesh in accordance with the required form.

4. Put the wire mesh into the automatic cutting machine, start the automatic cutting machine. And cut the wire to the required length.

5. The net and stone in the stone cage net machine have been made. The worker presses the start button, and the machine can tie the wire mesh into a net to form a stone cage net.

6. The workers put the stone cage net into the hydraulic press, start the hydraulic press, and press the stone cage net into shape.

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Operation Cautions

1 need to check the gabion mesh machine before operation to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

2. Follow the operation rules to avoid equipment damage or personal injury caused by illegal operations.

3. Pay attention to safety during operation to avoid accidents.

4. After the operation is complete, clean and maintain the equipment to ensure the normal operation and prolong the service life of the equipment.

Gabion Mesh Machine

Applications of Gabion Box

1. Slope protection engineering: The stone cage net plays a key role in slope protection engineering, and its unique honeycomb structure can effectively improve the stability of the slope, prevent soil erosion, and also provide a good growth environment for vegetation.

2. Riverbank protection: Stone cage net can effectively prevent water erosion and erosion of the river bank. And its rough surface can slow down the water flow speed and reduce the impact of the water flow on the river bank.

3 mountain protection: stone cage net in the mountain protection also has a significant effect, can prevent landslides, improve the stability of the mountain, but also can provide space for plants to grow, promote the ecological restoration of the mountain.

4. Landscape wall and retaining wall: Landscape wall, retaining wall construction is also inseparable from the stone cage net.

5 Ecological restoration and environmental protection: stone cage net in ecological restoration and environmental protection has also shown its unique value.

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