Green Development Trend of Wear Resistant Steel

1. Use environmentally friendly materials to make wear resistant steel:

In the production of wear resistant steel, the plant can use renewable, recyclable raw materials, reducing the dependence on non-renewable resources.

Select low-pollution, low-emission alloying elements and additives to avoid the use of harmful substances.

2. Green production process:

Introduce advanced smelting and rolling technology to optimize production processes and reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Environmentally friendly coating and heat treatment technology is used to reduce pollutant emissions during production.

Realize the harmless treatment and resource utilization of waste and wastewater, and reduce the impact on the environment.

3. Improve product performance:

Develop new wear-resistant materials to improve the wear resistance and service life of steel plates.

Optimize alloy design and production process to improve product strength and toughness.

Develop multi-functional steel products, such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, etc., to meet the needs of different industries.

4. Product recycling:

Establish a wear resistant steel recycling and reuse system to promote the recycling of scrap steel resources.

Research and development of waste steel recycling technology to reduce the demand for primary resources.

5. Green Supply chain Management:

Optimize supply chain management and select environmentally friendly and sustainable suppliers and logistics services.

Strengthen cooperation with suppliers to jointly promote the development and application of green production technology.

6. Environmental Certification and compliance:

Comply with national and regional environmental regulations and standards to ensure the compliance of steel plate products.

Actively participate in international environmental certification systems, such as ISO 14001, to enhance the environmental competitiveness of products.

Summarize | Wear Resistant Steel

The global wear resistant steel plate market will show steady growth in the next few years (2024-2030). With an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of between 4.5% and 6.0%, the market size is expected to reach billions of dollars by 2030.

As an important part of the global steel market, the Chinese market will continue to expand its growth rate and market scale. China’s steel plate export market is mainly concentrated in Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia and other developed regions, but with the recovery of the global economy and the promotion of infrastructure construction, it is expected that the export market of wear-resistant steel plates will gradually expand to the global scope.

In short, the industry will show steady growth in the future, but the market competition will also be more intense. IBC Group will strengthen technological innovation and brand building, expand the international market, pay attention to environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction. In addition, we will also introduce intelligent manufacturing and digital management. This can improve market competitiveness and sustainable development capacity.

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