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Hot work tool steel is often used in pressure die casting, extrusion and die forging processes, as well as in the manufacture of pipe and glass products.

As an experienced supplier of metal materials, IBC Group has also launched products and services related to hot work tool steel. At present, the company can provide customers with a variety of steel, tailor-made product solutions. And with a good reputation, it has been widely praised by customers over the years.

Hot Work Tool Steel

Properties of Hot Work Tool Steel

(1) It has deformation resistance at various hot working temperatures. Carbon steel becomes soft and strength decreases at such a temperature, so it can not be used as a hot processing mold;

(2) At the same time, it has considerable resistance to mechanical and thermal shock (especially if it is cooled by water). In order to improve the impact resistance of these steel grades, producers must keep the carbon content at a low limit;

(3) Corrosion resistance and wear resistance at high temperatures;

(4) With thermal deformation resistance. Complex molds should not be deformed during heat treatment. The choice of high quenchability steel can solve this problem;

(5) thermal cracking resistance (fine and shallow cracks on the tool surface).

Hot Work Tool Steel - Overview Performance

Application of Hot Work Tool Steel

Taking DIN1.2581 hot working tool steel as an example, it has attracted many customers in terms of high heat resistance, leading the new trend of mold materials.

1.Shipbuilding industry: This steel is widely used in ship structural parts, hull components and ship accessories, such as thrusters, anchors, and ship transmission systems are inseparable from it. Its high strength and excellent corrosion resistance allow for high safety and reliability in harsh Marine environments.

2.Machinery industry: In the field of mechanical manufacturing, stamping tools, cutting tools, working fixtures and other operations are inseparable from this type of steel. Its excellent cutting performance, compressive performance and wear resistance can make the mechanical equipment have a longer service life and processing effect.

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