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LSAW steel pipe, full name Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welding steel pipe. This is a single medium thick plate as raw material, through a series of production processes made of pipe. The manufacturing process includes pressing (rolling) of the steel plate in the mold or forming machine, double-sided submerged arc welding and expanding the diameter and other steps.

LSAW Steel Pipe

Brief Introduction of Advantages

Excellent weld quality: The weld of this steel pipe is completed by double-sided submerged arc welding, and the toughness, plasticity, uniformity and density of the weld are excellent. This welding method ensures the high quality and stability of the weld, thus improving the strength and reliability of the entire steel pipe.

A wide range of specifications: its finished product specifications range is wide, the diameter can reach Φ406.4~Φ1422.4mm, the wall thickness can reach 6.4~23.8mm when X80 steel grade, and can reach 6.4~26.4mm when X70 steel grade. This wide range of specifications enables LSAW steel pipe to meet the needs of different engineering and application scenarios.

Excellent pressure and corrosion resistance: because it has the characteristics of large pipe diameter and thick wall, its pressure resistance is strong and can withstand the work in high pressure environment. At the same time, its low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are also strong, and it can maintain stable performance in various harsh environments.

Various forming methods: LSAW steel pipes can be divided into UOE steel pipes, JCOE steel pipes, HME steel pipes and so on according to different forming methods. These different molding methods make it able to adapt to different production needs and improve production efficiency.

High production efficiency: submerged arc welding technology has the advantages of stable welding quality, high welding productivity, no arc light and little smoke, making the production process of steel pipe efficient and environmental protection.


Why IBC Metal Group 1

IBC Metal Group has significant expertise in the field of LSAW steel pipe. This is reflected in the following aspects:

1. Excellent product quality

IBC Metal Group may focus on the strict control of the production process, the use of advanced production processes and technologies, to ensure that the production of LSAW steel pipe quality, stable performance. In addition, the company may also follow international and industry standards to meet the needs of different customers.

2. Wide variety of products

In order to meet the needs of different customers, the Group offers a variety of specifications and models of steel pipes. This allows customers to select the right steel pipe type and specifications for the specific needs of their projects.

3. Strong price competitiveness

The Group offers its customers competitive prices by optimizing production processes, reducing costs and improving production efficiency. This allows customers to buy steel pipes, under the premise of ensuring quality, to get a more favorable price.

LSAW Steel Pipe

Why IBC Metal Group 2

Secondly, in addition to product advantages, we also perform well in terms of service. This includes the following aspects:

1. Customized service

IBC Group can provide customized product solutions according to the specific needs of customers. This kind of service can meet the special needs of customers and improve customer satisfaction.

2. Timely delivery

The company has a sound logistics system and supply chain management capabilities to ensure that customers can receive the required steel pipes on time.

3. After-sales guarantee

IBC Group provides comprehensive after-sales service, including technical support, product repair and so on. This can ensure that when customers encounter problems during use, they can be solved in a timely manner.

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