Phosphating Electrogalvanized Sheet


Corrosion resistance: The electrogalvanizing layer can effectively isolate the contact between the metal substrate and the external environment to prevent the erosion of corrosion factors. The phosphating layer further enhances the corrosion resistance of the material. This enables the phosphating electrogalvanized sheet to be used in harsh environments such as high humidity and high salinity for a long time without corrosion.

Mechanical properties: Its surface is hard and wear-resistant, and can withstand greater mechanical impact and friction. In addition, due to its own high strength and high hardness, this material can also withstand large loads and pressures.

Electromagnetic shielding performance: This plate has a good shielding effect on electromagnetic waves, and can reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference on the equipment. This characteristic makes it widely used in the field of electronic equipment manufacturing.

Processing performance: It has good processing performance, can be made into a variety of complex shapes and structures through stamping, bending, welding and other processing methods to meet various design needs.

Production process of Phosphating Electrogalvanized Sheet

1. Preparation

Preparation of working liquid: according to the basic formula of the experiment, preparation of appropriate concentration of phosphating liquid. Usually includes Zn2+, PO43-, fluoride, Mn2+, Ni2+, Fe2+ and nitrate and other components, while the need to control the working liquid Ta (total acidity), Fa (free acidity) and temperature parameters within the appropriate range.

Degreasing treatment: Using alkaline degreasing agent to degreasing electrogalvanized sheet to remove oil and impurities on the surface. Workers should control the PH value of the degreaser between 9-11 and the temperature between 40-50 ° C.

2. Phosphating treatment stage

Washing: Workers should clean the electrogalvanized sheet after degreasing twice at room temperature. This removes residual degreaser and dirt from the surface.

Surface adjustment: Use a special surface adjustment agent to immerse the electrogalvanized sheet in the surface adjustment solution for surface adjustment treatment. The concentration of the surface conditioner is usually 0.1%-0.2% aqueous solution, and the treatment time is about 1 minute.

Phosphating: The workers will immediately dip the adjusted electrogalvanized sheet into the phosphating solution for phosphating. The phosphating process time is usually 2-5 minutes. The step is completed after a uniform and fine phosphating film is formed on the surface. Workers should control the temperature of the phosphating solution between 35-45 ° C.

Washing again: Workers should clean the galvanized sheet after phosphating twice at room temperature. This removes residual phosphating fluid from the surface.

3. Post-processing stage

Drying: The electrogalvanized sheet after washing is dried, which can be dried, blow-dried or air-dried.

Coating: According to the need for coating treatment, to enhance the corrosion resistance and decorative electrogalvanized sheet.

Applications of Phosphating Electrogalvanized Sheet

Construction and decoration industry: It can manufacture roofs, wall panels, doors and Windows, guardrails, Bridges and other building structures and decorative materials. Its corrosion resistance can extend the service life of the building.

Automotive manufacturing: In the automotive manufacturing industry, it can manufacture body, chassis, fuel tank, radiator and other components. It can provide rust protection and increase the appearance quality of the car.

Home appliance manufacturing: In the home appliance manufacturing industry, phosphating electrogalvanized sheet can manufacture the outer shell and internal structure of home appliance products such as washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners. It can protect home appliances from corrosion and improve the durability of products.

Light industry: This metal product can also manufacture furniture, bags, stationery, toys and other light industrial products. It can increase the beauty and service life of the product.

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