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Professional Manufacturing of PPGI Coils

1. Advanced production equipment

IBC Group has the most advanced PPGI coil production line in the industry, through the introduction of international advanced automation and intelligent equipment, to ensure the high quality of products and production efficiency.

2. Strict quality control

From the procurement of raw materials to the production process, and then to the inspection of finished products, every link is subject to strict quality control. We follow international and industry standards to ensure that every reel meets high quality requirements.

3. Diversified product lines

IBC Group’s extensive coil product line includes coils of different sizes, colors and coatings to meet the needs of different customers.

Attentive Service of PPGI Coils

1. Personalized customization

We offer a personalised, customised service to tailor PPGI coil sizes, colours and coatings to your specific needs.

2. Professional consultation

We have a professional technical team to provide customers with technical advice and solutions for steel products. Whether it is product design, material selection or manufacturing process, we can provide professional advice.

3. Respond quickly

We have established a sound customer service system to ensure that we can respond quickly to customer needs and questions. Whether it is pre-sale consultation, in-sale service or after-sales support, we will be dedicated to provide customers with thoughtful service.

4. Logistics distribution

The Group has a strong logistics distribution capability to ensure that the coil is delivered to the customer in the first time. At the same time, we also provide flexible distribution methods and high-quality packaging services to ensure the safety and integrity of products during transportation.

5. Return visits regularly

The team regularly visits customers to understand their usage and demand feedback so that we can continuously improve the quality of our products and services.

Future Trends of IBC Group

Deepening of globalization strategy:

With the acceleration of globalization, IBC Group should further expand overseas markets and enhance its influence in the global steel market through international cooperation and mergers and acquisitions.

The Group can strengthen cooperation with internationally renowned steel enterprises, share technology, resources and market channels, and improve product competitiveness.

Digital transformation:

Use advanced information technology and data analysis tools to optimize production processes and improve production efficiency and product quality.

Establish a digital platform to integrate the data of supply chain, sales, finance and other links to achieve efficient allocation of resources and collaborative management.

Using big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to analyze market demand and customer behavior, to provide strong support for product development and marketing strategy formulation.

Environmental protection and Sustainable development:

Increase investment in environmental protection technology, research and development and production of low-energy, low-emission steel products, and actively respond to national environmental protection policies.

Optimize the production process, reduce the discharge of waste residue, wastewater and exhaust gas, and reduce the impact on the environment.

Exploring the circular economy model, recycling scrap steel, scrap metal and other resources to improve resource utilization efficiency.

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