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The pressure vessel plate needs to withstand a certain air pressure and water pressure, and the use of different temperatures, such as high, medium and low temperatures. Therefore, its requirements are more strict. In addition to requiring a certain strength, toughness, it also requires uniform material, strictly limit harmful defects.

Pressure Vessel Plate

Production Process

1. Material preparation: Prepare the required raw materials, including steel plate, welding rod, gas, etc. The steel plate should meet the relevant standard requirements, the welding rod is the right type, and the gas should ensure the quality and purity.

2. Cutting processing: Workers will cut the steel plate according to the design requirements, including cutting, bending, punching and so on. When cutting, pay attention to ensure dimensional accuracy and surface flatness, when bending, pay attention to avoid cracks and deformation, and pay attention to the accuracy of the aperture and position when punching.

3. Welding and assembly: Welding and assembly of steel plates after cutting, including butt welding, fillet welding, lap welding, etc. When welding, pay attention to ensure the welding quality and the firmness of the weld, to avoid cracks, pores and other defects in the weld.

4. Heat treatment: Heat treatment of the welded steel plate, including annealing, normalizing, quenching, etc. During heat treatment, attention should be paid to ensuring the accuracy of temperature and time to avoid excessive or insufficient heat treatment effects.

5. Inspection and acceptance: The workers will inspect and accept the pressure vessel plate, including appearance inspection, size measurement, weld detection, heat treatment effect detection, etc. When testing, workers should ensure the accuracy of the detection and the correctness of the detection method to avoid missing or false detection.

Pressure Vessel Plates

Performance Profile of Pressure Vessel Plate

1. Strength and toughness: It needs to have sufficient strength and toughness to ensure that it will not crack or deform when subjected to pressure. This strength and toughness are usually controlled by the chemical composition of the material and the heat treatment process.

2. Material uniformity: Material uniformity to avoid harmful defects, such as inclusions, pores and so on. These defects may affect the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the steel plate.

3. Corrosion resistance: In some use environments, it needs to have good corrosion resistance to prevent damage caused by medium erosion. Corrosion resistance is usually improved by selecting the appropriate alloying elements and applying the appropriate surface treatment.

4. Weldability: It needs to have good weldability in order to carry out welding operations during the manufacturing process. Weldability depends on the chemical composition of the material and the choice of welding process.

5. Dimensional accuracy: The pressure vessel plate requires a high dimensional accuracy to ensure that it can be accurately matched and assembled during manufacturing. Dimensional accuracy is usually achieved by controlling the rolling process and the heat treatment process.

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