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Bulletproof steel can be used to manufacture a variety of bulletproof products, with its high strength and excellent bulletproof performance to protect the safety of personnel and equipment. This material plays an important role in public safety, military protection and other fields. It provides a sstrong guarantee for social security and stability.

Bulletproof Steel

Production Process

Prepare the equipment: A large roller press (also known as a plate winder) is required to complete the processing. It can ensure that the equipment has sufficient capacity to handle bulletproof steel.

Cutting steel plate: According to the actual needs, use the appropriate tool to cut the steel plate into the desired size of the long strip.

Preparation for bending: Place the long strip of steel plate into the roll machine and adjust the Settings and parameters of the roll machine as needed. Ensure roll position and pressure are appropriate and follow the operating guidelines provided by the equipment manufacturer.

Crimped steel plate: Start the roller press and pass the steel plate through the pressure and bending force of the roller press. This will gradually curl the steel plate into the desired curvature. Pass through the roller press as many times as needed until the plate takes on the desired round or curved shape.

During the operation, due to the high hardness and resistance of the bulletproof steel plate, special attention is needed to safety. Workers should wear appropriate protective gloves and glasses to ensure personal safety. At the same time, the factory must follow the code of practice. This can ensure that the size and quality of the steel plate meet the requirements, as well as the normal operation of the equipment.

Bulletproof Steel Coil

Performance Profile of Bulletproof Steel

First of all, it has its excellent bulletproof function as its core feature. This performance is achieved thanks to its carefully designed alloy composition and strict manufacturing process. By optimizing the alloy ratio and heat treatment process, this steel can obtain high strength and hardness, so as to effectively resist the impact of bullets.

Secondly, it also has excellent processability, weldability and cold bending performance. This makes it easy to shape during processing. It is also able to achieve reliable connections with other materials while maintaining structural integrity. In addition, its good cold bending performance also enhances its application potential in complex shapes and structures.

In addition, the strength and hardness of this steel is also an important part of its performance. Through the use of advanced production processes, such as controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology, it can achieve ultra-fine crystal structure. This can greatly improve the strength and plasticity. This high strength and hardness enables it to maintain stable performance under high impact loads.

Finally, bulletproof steel also has good welding properties. Its weldability allows it to be effectively connected with other materials during the manufacturing process to meet the needs of complex structures. At the same time, the guarantee of welding quality is also an important factor to ensure the stability of the overall performance of this steel plate.

Bulletproof Steel | IBC Group

Quality Bulletproof Steel Supplier | IBC Group

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