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SSAW steel pipe is an industrial product, widely used in natural gas, petroleum, chemical, electric power, heat, water supply and drainage engineering fields. It includes ordinary spiral steel pipe and thick wall spiral steel pipe, of which the thick wall spiral steel pipe has high compressive strength, high impact strength, high safety performance and longer service life.

SSAW Steel Pipe

Advantages and Disadvantages

1. High compressive strength: especially thick wall spiral steel pipe, can withstand high pressure. So it has excellent performance in high pressure environment.

2. Good impact resistance: Its excellent impact resistance makes it stable and reliable in a variety of complex and harsh working environments.

3. High safety performance: Through strict manufacturing process and quality control, it has excellent safety performance. It can ensure that no safety accidents occur during long-term use.

4. Long service life: Due to its excellent material properties and manufacturing process, its service life is relatively long, reducing the frequency of replacement and maintenance.

5. Due to the particularity of its manufacturing process, there may be some risk of welding defects. But through strict online continuous ultrasonic automatic inspection and other non-destructive testing means, you can ensure product quality and reduce this risk.


Applications of SSAW Steel Pipe

1. Oil and Gas industry: It plays an important role in the oil and gas delivery system. As oil and gas pipelines, they can effectively transport oil and natural gas from the extraction site to the processing plant or consumption site. Its excellent pressure resistance and corrosion resistance make it an indispensable pipeline material in these industries.

2. Chemical industry: In the field of chemical industry, it can transport various chemical media, such as acid, alkali, salt solution, etc. They can withstand the corrosion of chemical substances while maintaining the integrity and tightness of the pipeline, ensuring the safety and stability of the chemical production process.

3. Construction industry: In the construction industry, it is mainly used for structural support and drainage systems. As part of the building structure, they can provide stable support. And their excellent drainage performance makes them widely used in drainage systems.

4. Power industry: In the process of power transmission and power generation, this steel pipe can transport steam, water and other media to meet the needs of power plants and power grids.

IBC Group | SSAW Pipe

Why IBC Group?

1. Quality Assurance: IBC Group has a strict quality control system to ensure that the supply of SSAW steel pipe meet the relevant standards and customer requirements to provide high-quality products.

2. Diversified products: The group provides a variety of types and specifications of steel pipes, to meet the needs of different customers, to provide customers with one-stop procurement solutions.

3. Professional services: IBC Group has a professional sales team and technical support team. It can provide customers with timely and accurate product information and technical support to help customers solve problems.

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