Steel Profiles – What U Must Know

Classification by sectional shape

H-shaped steel: with “H” shaped section, high strength, good rigidity and other characteristics. This type of steel profiles is commonly used in steel structure workshop beams and columns, steel Bridges, industrial plants and so on.

I-shaped steel (light H-shaped steel) : with an “I” shaped section, the section size is high, often used in the production of beams and columns, light steel structures, industrial equipment, etc.

U-shaped steel: with a “U” shaped section, wide groove surface, often used to make metal brackets, guardrail, baffle and so on.

C-shaped steel: with a “C” shaped section, the section shows a “C” shape, often used to make light steel structure, light steel purlin, ceiling decoration and so on.

L-shaped steel: with an “L” shaped section, one side is larger than the other side, often used to make steel plate connections, supports, etc.

T-shaped steel: with a “T” shaped section, combined with transverse and longitudinal beams, often used to make frames, beam and column connections, ship skeletons, etc.

Characteristics of Steel Profiles

High strength: Due to its small cross-sectional area, the mechanical properties of the material are more specific, so this steel has a high bending and compressive strength.

Good wear resistance: It has high surface hardness and excellent wear resistance.

Convenient installation: It adopts standardized design and manufacturing, easy processing, easy installation, and improves construction efficiency.

Stable quality: This steel is subject to national standards, production process specifications, and reliable quality.

In addition, different types of such products have their own unique characteristics. For example, the H-shaped steel structure is scientific and reasonable, good plasticity and flexibility, and high structural stability, which is suitable for building structures with large vibration and impact loads; C-type steel has thin wall, light weight, excellent cross-section performance and high strength. Compared with the traditional channel steel, the same strength can save 30% material.

The Development trend of Steel Profiles

Market demand continues to grow: with the continuous advancement of the industrialization process of various countries in the world, as well as the continuous strengthening of infrastructure construction, the market demand for steel as an important construction and manufacturing raw materials will continue to grow. Especially in steel structure construction, traffic engineering, automobile manufacturing and other fields, its demand will continue to increase.

Increasing demand for high-quality, high-performance products: With the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing and construction industries, the quality and performance requirements of steel are becoming higher and higher. High-quality, high-performance steel can better meet the market demand, especially in the field of high-end manufacturing and green building, with higher competitiveness and broader market prospects.

Technological innovation to promote the upgrading of the steel industry: Technological innovation is a key factor to promote industrial upgrading. In the future, the steel industry will strengthen technology research and development and innovation, promote product upgrading and industrial structure optimization. For example, through the use of advanced production technology and equipment, improve the production efficiency and quality of products; Through the development of new alloy materials, improve the performance and durability of steel; Through the application of digital and intelligent technology, the automation and intelligence of steel production are realized.

Increased demand for customization and personalization: With the diversification of market demand and the strengthening of personalized trend, the demand for customized and personalized steel will also gradually increase. IBC Group will strengthen market research and customer demand analysis, and adjust the product mix according to market changes and customer needs. In this way, we can provide more diversified and personalized products and services.

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