Steel Wire Rod

Operation Process

  • Manufacturing process

The manufacture of steel wire rod involves a series of complex process steps, including heating, rolling, cooling, straightening and winding. The raw material is first heated to the appropriate temperature, then rolled through the mill into the desired cross-section shape, followed by a cooling and straightening process to ensure the flatness and quality of the wire. Finally, the wire is wound into a disc to facilitate subsequent handling or transportation.

  • Treatment and processing

Once the product is made, it can be further processed into various metal products, such as steel wire, bolts, screws, welding wire, etc. These processes may include cutting, drawing, heat treatment, surface treatment and other steps to improve the mechanical properties of the material or to meet specific application needs.

  • Storage and transportation

Since it is rolled into a disc, it is easy to store and transport. During storage, this steel is usually placed on brackets or pallets to maintain its shape and prevent damage. During transportation, they are usually loaded on containers or trucks to ensure stability and safety during transportation.

Steel Wire Rod

Performance of Steel Wire Rod

  • 1. Physical properties

a. Diameter and shape

One of the main characteristics of the steel wire rod is its small diameter and circular cross-section. This design makes it easy to operate in drawing, bending and other processes, and ADAPTS to a variety of application scenarios.

b. Strength and hardness

Depending on its material, it has different strength and hardness. For example, high-strength prestressed steel wire, as a special wire rod product, has extremely high tensile strength and yield strength, as well as good plasticity. This excellent performance makes it an indispensable material in large building structures such as Bridges and nuclear power plants.

  • 2. Chemical properties

Its metallographic structure should mainly be sostenitic structure, in order to avoid martensite, network cementite and other harmful to the performance of the tissue. This structure characteristic makes this steel has good mechanical properties and stability. In addition, in the smelting and casting process, the strict control of chemical composition, inclusion content and segregation degree is also the key to ensure its performance.

Steel Wire Rod  - IBC Group

Applications of Steel Wire Rod

  • Construction industry

In the field of construction, it can manufacture decorative elements such as doors and Windows, railings, guardrails, stair railings and so on. Because of its good permanent and appearance characteristics, stainless steel wire rod can not only play a decorative role, but also increase the stability and durability of the structure.

  • Automobile industry

It is also widely used in automobile manufacturing. From the decorative parts of the body to the skeleton structure of the body, it plays an important role. Especially stainless steel material, due to its corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other advantages, can effectively improve the quality and service life of the vehicle.

  • Electrical and chemical industries

It can also manufacture various electrical components in the electrical industry, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning outdoor units, etc. In the chemical industry, it can manufacture chemical equipment, such as chemical containers, chemical storage tanks, pipelines, etc. Its corrosion resistance allows this steel to maintain the stability and strength of the material in harsh environments.

  • The food and medical industries

It is also widely used in the food and medical fields. For example, in food processing equipment and manufacturing, it is often used in food machinery, food storage equipment, etc. In the medical field, this steel is used in the manufacture of medical equipment, such as surgical instruments, needles, dental instruments, etc.

  • Other fields

In addition to the above several fields, it is also widely used in ship construction, petrochemical industry, home decoration and other fields.

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