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Structural steel tube is mainly made of carbon structural steel and produced by hot rolling or cold rolling process. It has a variety of cross-section shapes, such as round, square, rectangular, etc., to meet different engineering needs. This steel pipe has high mechanical properties, such as good strength and toughness, so it can withstand greater pressure and tension. In addition, its surface quality is usually high, smooth and flawless. This further enhances its service life and performance stability.

Structural Steel Tube

Main Function

Load-bearing brace

In construction projects, it is used as a load-bearing component to support structures such as floors, Bridges and tunnels. It can withstand vertical and horizontal loads to ensure the safety and stability of the structure.

Transport fluid

Due to its good sealing and strength, structural steel tube is also widely used to transport water, oil, natural gas and other fluid media. Especially in long-distance transmission and high-pressure environments, it shows excellent performance.

Mechanical parts

In the field of machinery manufacturing, this steel product can be used as a raw material for bearings, gears, hydraulic cylinders and other mechanical parts. Through further processing and treatment, these parts can meet the accuracy and performance requirements of mechanical equipment.

Decoration and beautification

After surface treatment, such as spraying, electroplating, etc., it can be used to decorate and beautify buildings and facilities. Its unique appearance and texture can enhance the beauty and quality of the building.

Structural Steel Tubes

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Structural Steel Pipe

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