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Weather resistant steel, also known as atmospheric corrosion resistant steel. It is a low alloy steel between ordinary steel and stainless steel. This steel is made by adding a small amount of corrosion resistant elements such as copper and nickel to common carbon steel, thus having a series of high-quality physical and chemical properties.

Weather Resistant Plate

Feature Introduction

It is mainly made of ordinary carbon steel with a small amount of corrosion resistant elements such as copper and nickel. This alloying design makes this steel significantly improve its weather resistance and coating while maintaining the strength, plastic extension, molding, welding and cutting, abrasion, high temperature, fatigue resistance and other characteristics of high-quality steel.

Its weather resistance is particularly outstanding, and its weather resistance is 2 to 8 times that of ordinary carbon steel. It means that in the same environment, it can maintain its performance and appearance for a longer time, greatly extending the service life. In addition, its coating property is also better than ordinary carbon steel, and the coating property is 1.5 to 10 times that of ordinary carbon steel, which makes this steel can obtain better protection effect after painting, further enhancing its corrosion resistance.

In addition, it also has the characteristics of rust resistance, can effectively resist the corrosion factors in the atmosphere. So that the component corrosion resistance prolonging life, thinning and reducing consumption, so as to achieve the goal of energy saving. This characteristic allows it to save a lot of materials and energy during manufacturing and use. It also reduces maintenance costs.

Weather Resistant Steel

Applications of Weather Resistant Steel

1. Construction industry

The application of weathering steel in the field of construction is very prominent. It can be used for building external walls, doors and Windows and roofs. It can not only beautify the appearance of the building, but also effectively protect the building from oxidation and corrosion and reduce maintenance costs. In addition, it is often used in bridge construction. Its high strength and excellent corrosion resistance can effectively extend the service life of the bridge.

2. Automotive and Marine industries

In automobile manufacturing, it can manufacture automobile brake systems, brake discs, etc. This can improve the durability and driving comfort of the car. In the shipbuilding industry, it is widely used in the manufacture of hull structures because of its high corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It can resist seawater corrosion and wave erosion and effectively extend the service life of ships.

3. Manufacturing sector

It also plays an important role in the manufacture of structural parts such as heavy machinery and tracked vehicles. It can improve the durability of the machine and increase the service life, especially in the harsh environment of high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosion.

4. Other industrial sectors

It is also widely used in the protection layer at the bottom of the storage tank of chemical enterprises, effectively resisting the erosion of acid, alkali and salts, and extending the service life of the equipment. In addition, in the fields of power, mining, construction machinery and agricultural equipment, this steel is also widely used because of its good corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

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