What is Cold-Formed Z-ShapedSteel Sheet Pile?

Cold-formed Z-shaped steel sheet pile is a kind of cold-formed steel sheet pile. It is a building foundation plate with a section of Z shape, U shape or other shapes through continuous cold bending deformation of steel strip. Cold-formed Z-shaped steel sheet pile is a kind of steel sheet pile made by cold-formed technology. Its section shape is Z.

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1. The construction is simple and fast: because it uses the prefabricated component method, the construction site only needs to be simple assembly and connection. No need for a large number of on-site processing, greatly shortening the construction period.

2. Good sealing effect: it has good sealing performance. It can effectively prevent groundwater penetration, ensure the stability of foundation pit and construction safety.

3. High reuse rate: Cold-formed Z-shaped steel sheet pile can be reused many times. After a simple repair and painting by the worker, the project can use it again. This reduces the cost of the project.

4. Strong adaptability: It is suitable for various geological conditions and areas with high groundwater level, and has strong adaptability to weak foundations and complex geological conditions.

5. Environmental protection and energy saving: In the construction process, it can without a lot of energy consumption and waste generation, in line with the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving.

Cold-formed Z-shaped steel sheet pile


1. High initial investment cost: The manufacturing cost is relatively high, resulting in high initial investment cost. There may be some economic pressure on projects with limited budgets.

2. Professional construction team: Its construction requires professional technicians and construction teams, and there may be technical difficulties for construction units that do not have relevant experience.

3. Inconvenient transportation and storage: the length and size of this steel sheet pile is large, and the transportation and storage process needs to occupy larger space and equipment, which increases the logistics cost and management difficulty.

4. High requirements on the foundation: the foundation conditions will affect its bearing capacity and stability. If the bearing capacity of the foundation is insufficient or the settlement is not uniform, workers need to perform additional foundation treatment.

5. Sensitivity to the water table: although it has good water sealing performance, in the case of high water table or dynamic water level changes, workers need to take additional precipitation measures or adjust the construction scheme.

Z-Shaped Steel Sheet Pile

Applications of Cold-Formed Z-Shaped Steel Sheet Pile

1. Cofferdam project: In hydraulic engineering, it is the main supporting structure of cofferdam. It can surround rivers, lakes and other waters for easy construction or treatment.

2. Bank slope protection: in the river bank, lake bank and other places, it can be used to prevent bank slope erosion and collapse, protect the stability of the river bank.

3. Foundation pit support: In construction projects, this steel sheet pile can be used as a supporting structure of foundation pit to prevent foundation pit collapse and ensure construction safety.

4. Temporary retaining wall: In temporary projects or emergency rescue, cold-formed Z-shaped steel sheet pile can quickly build retaining walls to prevent earth collapse or landslide.

5. Bridge foundation: In bridge engineering, it can be used as the support structure of the bridge foundation to improve the carrying capacity and stability of the bridge.

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