What Is Galvanized Steel Wire Used For?

The surface of galvanized steel wire is smooth and smooth, the galvanized layer is uniform, the adhesion is strong. And it has excellent toughness and elasticity, and durable corrosion resistance. Its tensile strength is usually between 900Mpa and 2200Mpa, and the number of twists and repeated bending is also excellent.

Galvanized Steel Wire


Construction field: This kind of steel wire can be used for the reinforcement of building external walls, roofs, Bridges and other structures and the installation of guardrails to increase the stability and safety of the structure.

Transportation field: In transportation facilities, it is often used to make road barriers, guardrail, railway guardrail, etc., to effectively maintain traffic order and safety.

Agricultural field: In agricultural production, this product can make nets, hedge nets, rabbit nets, etc. These nets have anti-corrosion, durable and other characteristics, suitable for protecting nurseries, orchards, etc.

Garden field: It can be made into flower stands, flower pot stands, streamlined pergola, etc. It is not only beautiful and practical, but also can withstand the test of the external environment of the household.

Other fields: In addition, galvanized steel wire is also used in textile, electrical, electronic and other fields. And its excellent physical properties and corrosion resistance make it an ideal material in these fields.

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Will Galvanized Steel Wire Rust

Galvanized steel wire is on the basis of ordinary steel wire, through the galvanized process on its surface covered with a layer of zinc. The main function of this layer of zinc is to prevent the chemical reaction between the steel wire and the oxygen and water in the air, so as to achieve the effect of rust prevention and corrosion prevention.

However, whether it is easy to rust also depends on a variety of factors:

The quality of the galvanized layer: if the galvanized layer is uniform and the thickness is sufficient, then its anti-rust effect will be better. On the contrary, if the galvanized layer is defective or insufficient thickness, the steel wire is easy to rust from the defect.

Use environment: This steel wire is more prone to rust in wet, rainy, and foggy environments, because these environments increase the chance of steel wire contact with water and oxygen. In a dry, well-ventilated environment, the possibility of rust is relatively small.

Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of it, timely repair of the damage of the galvanized layer. That can extend its service life and reduce the risk of rust.

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