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Aluminized steel coils have good comprehensive properties. The maximum operating temperature can reach 750℃, and can also resist atmospheric corrosion. At present, this type of steel is widely used in the automotive industry, heat-resistant electrical appliances and other fields.

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Characteristics of Aluminized Steel Coils

This steel has special properties, such as good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and thermal radiation. So it has been widely used in rural, industrial cities and Marine areas. Its life is two to five times longer than that of components made of galvanized steel.

1.High temperature oxidation resistance: In the production or use of this type of material, when the surface temperature reaches about 510℃, the aluminum plating layer can prevent the steel plate from being oxidized, and it does not change color. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in corrosive condensates or other heat-resistant facilities. Although the alloy will be slightly blackened at such temperatures, the aluminized steel plate will hold longer in the event of a fire. So it can resist the danger of spreading fire.

2.Of course, this steel also has some disadvantages, such as higher production costs, processing properties are not as satisfactory as galvanized steel. However, considering the service life, the overall cost performance is very high.

Aluminized Steel Coils


1. Automotive industry: exhaust pipe heat resistant parts, silencer, car body parts;

2.Furnace: heat exchanger, furnace reflector, baking box, furnace body, incinerator, chimney, dryer, etc.;

3.Containers: refrigerated containers, special oil tanks, articles tanks, water heating equipment;

4.Construction industry: roof, window frame, wall panel, outdoor facilities, cabinets, household appliances, lamps, billboards, outdoor facilities, etc.;

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How to Buy

IBC Group is one of the metal material manufacturers, stockists and distributors widely acclaimed by customers, and has many years of experience in steel supply. At present, we can provide you with aluminized steel coils in the following specifications:

Standard: GB; EN; ANSI; JIS;

Thickness: 0.15~6.0 mm

Width: 20~2000 mm

Coil weight: 3-20tons

Monthly Supply: 8000-15000 tons

Alloy: 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000 , 8000 series

Surface Treatment: mill, bright, polished, hair line, brush, sand blast, and etc

Packaging: Export standard packing or according to customers’ requirement.

Certificate: ISO9001:2008, SGS

Shipment: Within 10-15 workdays & 25-30 days quantity >1000 tons.

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