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Dear customer, have you ever asked such a question: What is A500 structural steel pipe? What are the specific properties of this steel? In what fields can it be applied? Never mind, as a professional metal material supplier, IBC Group can answer your questions and help you better understand this type of steel pipe.

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Significant Characteristic

1. High strength: Compared with ordinary carbon structural steel, this type of pipe can meet most of the engineering projects with high strength requirements.

2. Good plasticity: It is suitable for cold bending and cutting processing, and can meet the design needs of a variety of complex shapes, so it is widely used.

3. Excellent weldability: it has good weldability and machinability. In the production and processing process, this type of steel pipe is easier to operate and use, and can improve the construction efficiency of the project.

4. Good corrosion resistance: Due to its special treatment, it has corrosion resistance that can make it used in harsh environments for a long time. This greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

ASTM A500 Structural Steel Pipe

Mechanical and Chemical Properties

mechanical properties
chemistry properties

Advantages of A500 Structural Steel Pipe

1. Easy welding and machining: it can be cold worked and has a beautiful appearance. In detail, it has a higher yield strength, and has a larger strength-to-weight ratio, so the price will be higher.

2. Chemistry and structure: A500 and A36 steel are similar in this respect. But the main difference between them is the field of application. The former is only used for metal pipes and pipes, while the latter has a variety of shapes and strengths, such as rectangles, circles, squares, etc.

3. It is ideal for structural applications such as pipes, storage tanks, boilers and other heavy equipment. But its main disadvantage is that it is not heat resistant, which means that it will break rather than form at high temperatures.

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