The Advantages of Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil

Prepainted galvanized steel coil is widely used, the manufacture of roofs, walls, electrical equipment are inseparable from this material. In addition, with the rapid development of the construction industry, China, South Korea and Taiwan have become the main production and consumption countries of this type of steel.

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Manufacturing Process Flow

1. Surface treatment: Workers will clean and pretreat the surface of the steel. This step involves removing rust, oil, or other contaminants from the surface.

2. Primer coating: Workers apply the coating to the surface to help it adhere better.

3. Top paint: The last layer of paint applied to the surface, which has the role of protection and decoration.

4. Baking and cooling: Finally, the coil is placed in the furnace to cure, thus baking the paint. Once cooled, the steel is ready for use.

In addition, the pre-coated galvanized steel coil is hot-dip galvanized steel plate as the basic material, after a number of steps of pretreatment, using continuous coil coating baking cooling and forming.

Prepainted Galvanized Steel

Advantages of Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil

1. Compared with traditional materials, this kind of coil has better corrosion resistance. It is understood that over time, the protective effect of the traditional coil zinc layer will gradually decrease. Because the patina formed by zinc oxidation will eventually peel off, allowing the steel underneath to be corroded.

2. Long service life: compared with traditional galvanized sheet, the paint layer on the pre-coated coil is more durable, so it can be widely used in the production of roofs, siding and floors.

3. Easy maintenance and beautiful appearance: The galvanized layer not only gives the steel a shiny, attractive appearance, but also makes it easier to keep clean. So it is very suitable for use in hygiene-conscious production environments, such as food processing.

coated galvanized steel coil

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