Galvanized Steel Coil: Superior Comprehensive Performance!

Galvanized steel coil is a kind of steel product which has been treated by hot dip galvanizing process. It has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and plays a vital role in the construction, manufacturing, automotive or pipeline fields.

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Galvanized Coating

1.spangle coating: In the normal solidification process of zinc layer, zinc grains grow freely and form a coating with obvious zinc flower morphology.

2.minimized spangle coating: During the zinc layer solidification process, we can artificially restrict the zinc grains to form as small as possible zinc flower coating.

3.spangle-free: By adjusting the chemical composition of the plating solution, there is no visible zinc flower morphology. And the surface is uniform.

4.zinc-iron alloy coating: After heat treatment, the steel strip is galvanized by the plating solution to produce a zinc-iron alloy layer. The coating is dark gray in appearance and has no metallic luster. The product is easy to powder during the vigorous forming process and can be sprayed directly without further treatment.


Performance Advantages of Galvanized Steel Coil

1.Excellent corrosion resistance: There is a strong zinc coating on the surface of the coil, which effectively blocks the erosion of air, water and other corrosion factors on the steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance. This gives it good durability in a variety of environments, especially wet, rainy or chemical environments.

2.Good weather resistance: They are resistant to UV light, oxygen and other weather factors. So they perform well in outdoor applications. This makes it widely used in building structures, roofing materials and outdoor equipment.

3.Excellent machinability: Galvanized steel coil has good plasticity. It can be bent, forming, cutting, welding and other processing, suitable for various shapes and sizes of the needs.

4.Reliable coating consistency: The galvanizing process can provide a uniform and consistent coating. Whether on the flat steel plate or coil, the coating quality is more reliable, helping to improve product quality and appearance.

5.Economical and efficient: The maintenance cost of this type of steel coil is relatively low. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, it can extend the service life and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

6.Recyclability: it is a recyclable material, which meets environmental protection requirements and helps to reduce resource waste.

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1.Construction field: The production of roof panels, wall panels, door and window frames, guardrail, etc., because of its weather resistance and corrosion resistance, suitable for exposed environment.

2.The home appliance industry:Manufacture the shell and internal parts of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances.

3.The automotive industry: Manufacture components such as car housings, chassis, doors to provide additional protection against corrosion.

4.Logistics field: Manufacturing warehouse shelves, logistics equipment, etc.

5.Furniture and home improvement industry: Making lampshades, closets, tables, bookcases, etc.

6.Industrial and agricultural fields: Manufacturing industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, pipes, valves, etc.

In addition, it is also used in traditional Musical Instruments, garbage cans, billboards, bank counters, clocks, medical equipment, photography equipment and so on.

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