The Electrical Industry is Inseparable From Silicon Steel

Silicon steel has the characteristics of low iron loss and high magnetic induction intensity, which can greatly save electric energy. At present, such materials have a very wide range of applications in the electrical industry. Whether it is the large motor industry, the home appliance industry, or the new energy automobile industry, it is inseparable.


Performance Requirement

1.High magnetic induction: High magnetic induction intensity can reduce the core excitation current (no-load current), and can also reduce the copper loss and core iron loss caused by wire resistance, thereby saving electric energy. In the case of unchanged motor or transformer capacity, high magnetic induction intensity can reduce the size and quality of the iron core, saving the amount of electrical steel plates, wires, etc. At the same time, we can reduce the iron loss and manufacturing costs of the iron core, which is conducive to manufacturing, installation and transportation.

2.The punching and shearing workload of electrical steel forming is very large, especially for micro and small motors. Therefore, the punching performance of the steel plate needs to be better. Good punching property can improve the dimensional accuracy of punching and cutting pieces and extend the service life of punching and cutting tools.

3.Good insulation film: Good heat resistance. Thin and uniform film. High interlayer resistance. Good adhesion. Corrosion resistance. Good rust resistance.

4.Magnetic aging is small: Magnetic timeliness refers to the phenomenon that the magnetic properties of the iron core change with the use of time. Small carbides and nitrides precipitated from supersaturated carbon and nitrogen can cause this phenomenon. Therefore, the carbon content (mass fraction) and nitrogen content (mass fraction) in electrical steel products are required to be less than 0.0035% and 0.005%, respectively.

silicon steel

Production Process of Silicon Steel

Pickling: By descaling machine and salt acid tank, oxides of hot-rolled steel strip are removed to prevent surface defects of cold-rolled finished products.

Cold stamping: In order to ensure the thickness and material for different purposes, the deceleration ratio is set at 40%-90%, and advanced control equipment such as automatic thickness control and automatic shape control is implemented.

Anneal: It is a project to soften the hardened steel strip in the cold stamping project. Through metal heating and rapid cooling, the production of deep processing steel and high tensile steel. And by packing (cover annealing) and continuous annealing method.

Insulating coating: In the process of processing silicon steel sheet into iron core, in order to improve its processing performance and prevent eddy current loss equivalent to the thickness of the steel sheet, we can use continuous coating equipment to spray insulation coating liquid on the bottom of the steel sheet.

application of silicon steel

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