Application of Seamless Steel Pipe

Today, seamless steel pipe is used in many fields, including structure, fluid transportation, low and medium pressure boilers, high pressure boilers, fertilizer equipment, oil cracking and so on. This type of pipe can avoid problems such as leakage, ensure the use effect, and improve the utilization rate of materials.

application of seamless steel pipe

The Characteristics of Seamless Steel Pipe

The biggest feature of this steel can be seen from the name, that is, the existence of no gaps. Because the steel pipe is a metal component, the welding process is inevitable if it is to be connected to each other.

The presence of welds will bring inconvenience to the use process, and seamless pipes are without welds, so they can better withstand pressure from within.

Seamless steel pipe

Application of Seamless Steel Pipe

In addition, this type of steel pipe is made of round steel perforation, has better bending resistance, torsion resistance, and better pressure effect, so it is very widely used. Whether it is to transport oil, natural gas, water and other fluids, or to transport some solid materials, it is now inseparable from this steel pipe.

In short, the main application areas of this kind of steel are as follows:

1.Construction field: underground pipeline transportation, groundwater extraction when building.

2.Processing fields: machining, bearing sleeve production, etc.

3.Electrical field: pipelines for gas transmission, fluid pipelines for water power generation, etc.

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