The Mold Steel Machining Process

The mold steel machining process refers to a series of operations that process die steel materials into die parts to meet specific use requirements and performance requirements.

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1.Material Cutting

The first step in processing this kind of steel is to cut the raw material. According to the drawing requirements, the workers need to cut it to the size required by the customer. Among them, the cutting methods are more diverse, such as flame cutting, plasma cutting or laser cutting, to ensure the flatness and dimensional accuracy of the cutting surface.

2.Rough Machining

Roughing refers to the initial processing of die steel to remove excess material and form a basic shape. This step uses turning, drilling and other methods, and workers will choose a more appropriate processing method according to the shape and size of the mold.

3.Heat Treatment

This step is the most important part of mold steel processing, which can improve its hardness and wear resistance. Common heat treatment methods include quenching, tempering, normalizing and so on. Among them, quenching can make the mold rod reach a higher hardness, but also easy to produce internal stress. So the need for tempering to eliminate internal stress.

4.Precision Processing

This step is a more detailed machining of the steel to achieve the desired precision and surface quality. Grinding, electric spark and other methods can be used to remove burrs on the steel surface and improve dimensional accuracy.

5.Surface Treatment of Mold Steel

The surface treatment is to improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the steel. Common treatment methods include chromium plating, nickel plating, etc. Chromium plating can enhance the hardness and wear resistance of steel, nickel plating can improve the corrosion resistance of steel. In addition, spraying can form a protective film to extend the service life of the steel.

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