Application of Wear Resistant Steel Plate in Construction Industry

Wear resistant steel plate is made of billets and come in many grades. Different grades have different mechanical and chemical properties, resulting in different results in the final product. Carbon plays a key role in the properties of this steel. It increases the hardness and toughness of the steel, thus broadening the application field of this material.

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What is Wear Resistant Steel Plate

It has high hardness, toughness and good resistance to high temperature, oxidation and radiation. Its main feature is that the surface of ordinary low carbon steel or low alloy steel is in line with a layer of excellent wear resistance alloy wear-resistant layer by surfacing welding method. This wear-resistant layer is mainly chromium alloy, and the thickness is usually 1/3 or 1/2 of the total thickness.

According to its composition can be divided into carbon manganese nitrogen and carbon manganese chromium two kinds. Workers divided it into boiler and pressure vessel steel, bridge steel, automobile beam steel, high-rise building structure with high-strength weathering steel and spring flat steel, cold-rolled special-shaped steel, hot-rolled H-shaped steel and so on.

Wear resistant steel plate

Application in Construction Engineering

1. Ground wear layer

In the basement, workshop, warehouse and other places of the building, the ground often needs to withstand the movement of heavy equipment, friction and accumulation of goods, which is easy to cause ground wear. And its high wear-resistant performance can effectively extend the service life of the ground and reduce maintenance costs.

2. Bridge bearing structure

As an important transportation hub connecting the two sides of a bridge, the safety and durability of its load-bearing structure are very important. It is a load-bearing structural material for Bridges, such as bridge panels, beams, etc., with high strength and good toughness, it can withstand the larger load traffic on the bridge and ensure the safety and stability of the bridge.

3.Conveyor road laying

In the construction industry, conveyor road is an important facility to achieve fast and efficient transportation of materials. Because the conveyor road often has the material drop, friction and other conditions, easy to cause the conveyor road wear. And its high wear-resistant performance can effectively reduce the wear of the conveyor road and improve the conveying efficiency.

4.Equipment base plate

In the construction industry, various heavy equipment such as cranes and compressors need to be placed on a stable base plate to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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Other Domains

5. Building facade

The building facade is an important part of the building, not only to withstand wind and rain erosion, but also to withstand the damage of human factors. It is a decorative material for building facades. And its high wear-resistant performance can effectively resist the damage of external factors and maintain the beauty and durability of the building facade.

6. wear-resistant stair tread

Stairs are common vertical transportation facilities in buildings. Stair treads bear frequent trampling by people and are easy to cause wear and tear. And its high wear-resistant performance can effectively reduce the wear of stair tread and improve the service life and safety of stairs.

7. wear-resistant wall plate

In the construction industry, some areas that require special protection, such as around machinery and equipment, material stacking areas, etc., need to set protective wall panels to prevent damage to equipment and personnel by external factors. Wear resistant steel plate can be used as a protective wall material. Its high strength and good wear resistance can effectively resist external impact and friction, protect the safety of equipment and personnel.

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