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As a professional seamless steel pipe supplier, IBC Group has always won the praise of our customers with good reputation and perfect service. The company provides very intimate pre-sales and after-sales service, so let’s start from the characteristics of this steel!

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Production Process

1. Tube preparation: according to product requirements, choose the right material of raw materials. After cutting, heating and other pretreatment, the raw material will be made into a tube blank.

2. Perforation: The tube blank is placed in the perforating machine, and the center part of the tube blank is perforated through the high-speed rotating drill to form a preliminary prototype.

3. Rolling: the perforated tube blank is sent to the mill, and the tube blank is gradually deformed into the required outer diameter and wall thickness through multi-pass rolling.

4. Heat treatment: According to product requirements, the seamless steel pipe is annealed, normalized, quenched and other heat treatment to adjust its structure and properties.

5. Finishing: After heat treatment of seamless pipe, cutting, grinding, inspection and other finishing treatment, and finally get qualified products.

seamless steel pipe

Application of Seamless Steel Pipe

1. Petroleum industry: used for oil drilling, refining equipment, oil pipelines, etc., to ensure the smooth progress of oil exploitation and processing.

2. Natural gas transmission: It is the main pipeline material for natural gas transmission, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of natural gas.

3. Chemical equipment: manufacturing reactors, heat exchangers, storage tanks, etc., can withstand the corrosion of various chemical media and high temperature and high pressure working environment.

4. Boiler manufacturing: used to make burners, superheaters, reheaters and other components, withstand high temperature and high pressure working environment.

5. Building structure: can manufacture Bridges, towers, trusses and so on. Because of its high strength and good ductility, it can effectively improve the bearing capacity of the structure.

seamless steel pipe supplier

Why Choose IBC


1. ISO Verified Outstanding Manufacturer

2. The  third party inspection:  SGS, BV, CE, COC, AI and other .

3. Sufficient Stock

4. Quick Delivery Time, Long time price validity.

5. Tracking picture of transport : production, Loading and reinforcement loading Pictures

6. Rich experience Professioal Sale Team


1. Quality Guarantee after Receiving the Goods: Offer money return or Ship new products  for free if any problems happen

2. Technical Guidance for further Processing

3. VIP Service and Free Order after Accumulated Order Quantity

All in all, IBC Group is a trusted seamless steel pipe supplier. No matter what kind of product needs customers have, they will be met by us. Contact us soon!

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