Black Coating ERW Pipe

Black coating ERW pipe is ideal for corrosive environments, including water and wastewater treatment plants. Because of its ability to withstand high temperatures, in some cases, architects and engineers even recommend it to replace black steel pipe.

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Characteristics of Black Coating ERW Pipe

1. High-frequency resistance welding: This welding method uses the skin effect and proximity effect of high-frequency current to rapidly heat the steel at the edge of the weld to a plastic state. Then the welding is completed under the action of pressure, which ensures the firmness and sealing of the weld.

2. Excellent mechanical strength: ERW steel pipe has excellent mechanical strength after strict quality control and heat treatment process. Its key indicators such as tensile strength and yield strength meet or exceed the standard. And it can meet the requirements of use under various complex working conditions.

3. Weld base material is melted: Compared with traditional arc welding or gas welding, the weld base material is melted in the process of high-frequency resistance welding, forming a uniform and continuous weld. The weld has dense structure, no porosity and no inclusion, which greatly improves the overall performance and service life of the steel pipe.

4. High production efficiency: The technology used in the production of this steel pipe has the characteristics of fast production speed and high degree of automation. And this technology can also reduce the waste of raw materials, the number of operators significantly reduced. This further improves production efficiency and economic efficiency.

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Applications and Prospect

1. Construction field: It is widely used in Bridges, high-rise buildings, underground pipelines and other projects, especially in earthquake-prone areas. And its excellent seismic performance has been widely recognized.

2. Oil and gas transmission: This pipe can withstand high pressure and harsh environmental conditions. So it can become an ideal choice for oil and gas transmission pipelines. As the demand for energy grows, so does the demand in this area.

3. Automotive industry: In the automotive industry, black coating ERW pipe with its advantages of high strength and high toughness, is widely used in the manufacture of automotive frame, suspension system and other key components. With the rise of new energy vehicles, their demand for lightweight materials is also increasing.

4. Ship and ocean engineering: Whether it is the construction of ships or the construction of offshore platforms, a large number of corrosion-resistant steel pipes are needed. Black ERW tubes are the ideal choice for this need.

5. Bridge and tunnel construction: In the construction of large infrastructure such as Bridges and tunnels, this pipe is widely used in support structures and transportation pipelines with its high strength and easy processing characteristics.

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