AR500 steel plate for sale

IBC Group has AR500 steel plate for sale. It is a wear-resistant steel plate, and its grade is the highest hardness in the common AR steel plate. Therefore, it is commonly used in high wear and impact applications, such as material handling, mining, construction, automotive and other industries.

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Properties of AR500 Steel Plate

For high wear applications such as mining equipment and concrete handling;

Surface hardness range between 470 channel 540 BHN;

Excellent resistance to sliding, friction and heavy wear;

Can withstand high impact pressure even at very low temperatures;

The composition and hardening process of different mills are different.

The heat treatment process makes steel tougher and bitterer by changing the grain structure of the material.

AR500 Steel Plate


The service life of AR500 steel plate is about 3 times longer than that of ordinary steel plate. And its toughness, high weldability and formability make it stand out in hard steel materials.

1.It can extend the service life of the product by reducing erosion;

2.Very reliable, strong resistance to wear and chafing;

3.Can achieve maximum production;

4.In the long run, the cost performance is very high and cost-effective;

wear resistant steel plate

Applications of AR500 Steel Plate

1. In material handling or other manufacturing industries, the durability of this type of steel is more prominent.

2.Ablative resistance makes it ideal for mining, construction, and other industries that require prolonged exposure to poor conditions.

3.Manufacture truck chassis, buckets, bulldozers, excavators, underground mining equipment, etc.

4.Used in other industries that require exceptionally elastic materials to resist wear and impact.

AR500 steel plate for sale

AR500 Steel Plate for Sale

IBC Group has rich experience in steel export trade, and can tailor more targeted products and services for different customers. And there is no limit to the application field of AR500, not only can be used in the above mentioned industries, but also can be used in polymerization, asphalt, cement, mining, waste, molding processing and other fields. If you are already interested, please fill in your information below!

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