DIN1.2436 Cold Work Tool Steel

DIN1.2436 cold work tool steel is one of the widely used die steels. It has high strength, good hardenability, good wear resistance and so on. The main chemical components are as follows:

C:2.00-2.30; Cr:11.50-13.00; Mn:≤0.40; Si:≤0.40; P:≤0.030; S:≤0.030

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Features of DIN1.2436 Cold Work Tool Steel

First of all, 1.2436 steel has high strength and can be used to manufacture a variety of tools with high strength requirements. For example, blade, die, punch, cold die, planer knife, etc. These tools need to withstand large impact and shear forces during use, so they need to have high strength and hardness. 1.2436 steel has excellent hardness and strength, which can effectively meet these requirements.

Secondly, 1.2436 steel also has good hardenability. Hardenability is a measure of the ability of steel to obtain uniform and complete hardenability. Steel with good hardenability can ensure uniform hardness on the surface of the tool, thereby improving the wear resistance and durability of the tool. 1.2436 steel after proper quenching and quenching treatment, can obtain a uniform hardness distribution, thereby improving the service life of the tool.

In addition, 1.2436 steel has excellent wear resistance. The wear resistance of steel refers to the ability of the material to wear or deform easily when it comes into contact with other objects in friction or cutting. 1.2436 steel has excellent wear resistance and wear resistance due to its high hard carbide and alloying elements. Therefore, 1.2436 steel is often used in the manufacture of cutting tools, such as knives, saw blades, etc., as well as the surface coating of mechanical parts.

In summary, 1.2436 steel is a high-quality tool steel with high strength, hardenability and wear resistance. It is widely used in various tool manufacturing and cutting fields, and can be used to manufacture tools with high strength requirements, with good hardenability and wear resistance. Whether in the machinery manufacturing industry or in the cutting industry, 1.2436 steel is a very ideal choice.


Supply Range of DIN 1.2436 Cold Work Tool Steel

1.Round Bar Ø (mm):

Hot Rolled from Ø12~Ø50;

Hot Forged: EAF-Ø50~Ø250; ESR-Ø50~Ø650;

2. Flat Bar (mm):

EAF Thickness from 20~200, width from 80~610;

ESR: Thickness from 20~450, width from 610 max;

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