The Application of Steel Sheet Piles

Steel sheet piles are new type of building material, which are divided into cold formed thin wall light type and hot rolled type. Because the former have greater processing and use limitations, hot rolled steel sheet piles have become the mainstream of the development of this kind of product. And they have been widely used in various fields.

steel sheet piles

The Advantages of Steel Sheet Piles

(1) high strength, light weight, good waterproof performance;

(2) Strong durability, service life of 20 to 50 years;

(3) The project can reuse this type of plate 3 to 5 times;

(4) The environmental protection effect is remarkable, which can greatly reduce the amount of soil and the use of concrete in the construction, and effectively protect land resources;

(5) Have a strong disaster relief and rescue function. Especially in flood control, collapse, collapse, quicksand rescue and relief, the effect is particularly fast;

(6) The construction is simple, the construction period is short, and the construction cost is low.

In addition, the use of this kind of steel can deal with and solve a series of problems in the excavation process. It can provide the necessary security, and the timeliness of disaster relief and rescue is strong. It can reduce the requirements for space and is not restricted by weather conditions. Simplifies complex procedures for checking material or system performance; Ensure its adaptability and good interchangeability.

IBC Group's steel sheet piles

The Application of Steel Sheet Piles

Its use is divided into permanent building structure, temporary building structure, rescue and disaster relief buildings:

(1)Permanent building structure includes: Wharf. Unloading yard. Embankment revetment. Parapet. Retaining wall. Breakwater. Diversion embankment. Mooring post. Dock. Repair house. Gate. Downspout. Foundation reinforcement. Prevent collapse. Water barrier wall.

(2)Temporary building structures include: Mountain closure. Temporary bank protection. Flow cut-off. Temporary fake island. Bridge cofferdam construction. Large-scale pipeline laying temporary ditch excavation retaining earth. Retaining water. Retaining sand walls.

(3)Rescue and disaster relief buildings include: flood control, collapse, collapse, quicksand.

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