Hot Rolled Steel Coil

Hot rolled steel coil has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness and excellent weldability. Whether it is the construction field, the machinery industry, or the manufacturing industry such as pressure vessels, it is inseparable from this steel.

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Processing Technology

1.Raw material preparation: The main raw material of hot rolled coil is billet, usually large rectangular or square steel. Before entering the hot rolling line, the billet needs to undergo pretreatment, such as sand blasting, cutting and preheating, to remove surface dirt and oxides and ensure the quality of hot rolling.

2.Heating: The billet is fed into the furnace and heated to the appropriate temperature for subsequent rolling operations. Modern heating furnaces are usually equipped with computerized automatic control programs to optimize heating quality, energy consumption and heating capacity.

3.Rolling: The heated billet is rolled through the roughing mill and the finishing mill. And the billet is gradually rolled into the hot rolled coil of the required thickness. In the rolling process, the rolling temperature, rolling speed and rolling force should be strictly controlled to ensure the quality and performance of hot rolled coils.

4.Cooling and coiling: The hot rolled coil is cooled to the set temperature by the laminar cooling system after the rolling is completed, and then rolled into steel strip coils by the coiler. The cooling speed and temperature need to be controlled during the cooling process to avoid internal stress and deformation of the hot rolled coil.

5.Finishing: According to the different needs of users, the hot rolled coil is further processed by different finishing lines, such as leveling, straightening, cross-cutting or longitudinal cutting, inspection, weighing, packaging and marking. And it finally becomes the steel plate, flat coil and longitudinal cutting steel strip products that meet the requirements.

hot rolled steel coil

Use of Hot Rolled Steel Coil

1. Building structure: Manufacture building structures, Bridges, stairs, steel structure houses, etc. Because of its high strength and plasticity, hot-rolled steel coil has become a commonly used structural material in construction engineering.

2. Manufacturing:

Automotive Manufacturing: Manufacturing structural components, body parts, chassis, etc., of automobiles, popular for their high strength, corrosion resistance and machinability.

Machinery manufacturing: Manufacture all kinds of mechanical equipment, machine tools, tools, etc. Hot-rolled steel coil is widely used in the manufacturing industry because it can be customized into various shapes and sizes of parts according to specific needs.

3. Pipeline manufacturing: Manufacture all kinds of pipelines and pipeline accessories, such as water pipelines, oil pipelines, etc. Because of its good pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, hot-rolled steel coils are often used in the manufacture of various piping systems.

4. Furniture manufacturing: There are also certain applications in the furniture manufacturing industry, which can manufacture furniture parts and frame structures because of its high strength and good structural stability.

5. Energy field: various energy equipment and structures, such as power generation equipment, wind power tower, etc.

6. Other fields: Used in shipbuilding, aerospace, railway, metallurgy, chemical and other fields of structural components and equipment manufacturing.

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