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Cold drawn steel bar is a kind of steel product made by cold drawing process. Cold drawing process is a processing method for steel. The process mainly involves making the steel bar pass through a special wire drawing die hole with a gradually decreasing diameter at normal temperature.

This can produce plastic deformation, which changes the physical and mechanical properties of the steel. This machining method can make the steel rod obtain higher precision and better surface quality.

Cold Drawn Steel Bar

Main Feature of Cold Drawn Steel Bar

1. High precision: This steel bar is formed by drawing at room temperature. It makes its dimensional accuracy very high. This high precision makes it excellent in situations that require a precise fit, such as the processing of high-precision mechanical parts.

2. High surface finish: Its surface finish is very high, no burrs, ripples and other defects. This characteristic makes this steel rod widely used in fields where appearance and surface quality are strictly required.

3. Excellent mechanical properties: After it is cold processed, the metal grains inside it are rearranged. This increases the strength and hardness of the material. This makes it have good mechanical properties and can withstand large pressures and loads.

4. Good processing performance: Its excellent machinability can achieve high-precision and high-efficiency processing. It is suitable for a variety of cutting, cold bending, forming and other processing operations to meet the manufacturing needs of complex shapes and structures.

5. Wide range of applications: Due to its excellent characteristics, automobile manufacturing, military, mechanical processing, electronic equipment, medical equipment, engineering machinery, railway locomotives, aerospace, ships and other fields are inseparable from it.

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Why IBC Metal Group

1. Strong technical strength: IBC Group has advanced production equipment and professional technical team. It can continue to develop and innovate, and constantly improve the technical level and added value of products.

2. Strong brand influence: The group has a high reputation and reputation in the cold drawn steel bar industry. And its brand has become a symbol of customer trust. The company’s brand value and influence help attract more customers and partners.

3. Stable supply chain: We have established a stable supply chain system and established long-term cooperative relations with high-quality suppliers to ensure the stable supply of raw materials and the reliability of quality.

4. Global layout: there are multiple branches and sales channels in the world, which can provide customers with convenient product procurement and delivery services. At the same time, the company also actively explore the international market, improve the international competitiveness of products.

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Transaction Procedure

1. Understand the demand: Customers first need to clarify their specifications, quantity and quality requirements for cold drawn steel rods in order to effectively communicate with the sales team of IBC Group.

2. Contact IBC Group: Customers can contact IBC Group sales staff by phone, mail or online platform for product details, prices, delivery and other relevant information.

3. Inquiry and quotation: The customer makes an inquiry request to IBC Group, and the sales staff will provide a detailed quotation scheme according to the needs of the customer. Both parties may negotiate and negotiate on terms such as price and delivery time.

4. Sign the contract: The parties may sign a formal sale contract specifying the rights and obligations of both parties.

5. Payment and delivery: The customer pays for the goods according to the payment method agreed in the contract, and IBC Group arranges the production and delivery to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality cold drawn steel rods.

6. After-sales service: After the transaction is completed, IBC Group will continue to provide customers with after-sales service, including product quality assurance, technical support, etc. It can ensure that customers have no worries during use.

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