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Wear resistant steel is a kind of high-performance material with special process treatment. It can meet the high requirements for wear resistance in various industrial applications. With the correct operation and processing methods, this steel can give full play to its maximum performance advantages, providing reliable support for industrial production and equipment maintenance.

Product Feature of Wear Resistant Steel

1. Excellent wear resistance: This steel can withstand high wear environment. Its special composition and treatment process makes it in the face of high friction, high impact and other harsh conditions can still maintain good wear resistance, so as to effectively extend the service life of machine equipment.

2. Good processing performance: It has good cutting, shearing and bending performance, and can meet the processing needs of different shapes and sizes. Whether it is gas cutting, plasma cutting or cold forming, wear-resistant steel can perform well, making the process more efficient and convenient.

3. Excellent weldability: This steel has good plasticity and weldability when welding. And it can be effectively connected with other materials to ensure the stability and reliability of the overall structure.

4. High strength and hardness: It has high strength and hardness, which makes it able to maintain stable performance under heavy load and high stress to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

5. Enhanced surface wear resistance: Through surface treatment processes, such as spraying, hard chromium plating and particle strengthening. Its surface hardness and wear resistance are further improved, enhancing its durability in extreme environments.

Operation Cautions

1. Cutting operation:

According to the hardness and thickness of wear resistant steel, choose the appropriate cutting method, such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, etc.

When performing thermal cutting, such as flame cutting, workers should try to reduce the gas cutting speed and preheat to the appropriate temperature before cutting. This reduces the heat affected zone and improves the cutting quality.

For high-hardness steel, the amount of cutting and feeding should be reduced as much as possible to prevent excessive heat input leading to a decline in material properties.

2. Bending and forming:

The factory can cold work the steel plate. However, during the bending process, workers should avoid excessive bending to prevent cracks.

Before bending, it is recommended to round the corners of the bending area to reduce stress concentration.

Try to avoid bending the heating steel plate. If it must be heated, it should be heated at low temperature.

3. Drilling and opening holes:

When drilling, workers should choose the appropriate drill bit and coolant to ensure the accuracy and surface quality of the aperture.

Control feed speed and coolant supply to prevent tool overheating and machining quality degradation.

4. Welding operation:

Select the appropriate welding method and welding material to ensure the quality and strength of the weld.

For high hardness steel plates, preheating is recommended to reduce welding stress and the risk of cracking.

Weld filler should be within the allowable range of load on the member and wear on the weld. And soft welding material should be selected as far as possible.

Workers should ensure that the preheating temperature of the steel plate and components is less than the limit to prevent the hardness from decreasing.

IBC Metal Group | Advantages

Technological innovation: IBC Group’s advanced production technologies, efficient processes and continuous research and development capabilities help to reduce costs, improve product quality and meet the changing needs of the market.

Economies of scale: We have a high production scale, can achieve economies of scale, reduce costs, improve competitiveness.

Resource advantage: The Group has rich mineral resources, high-quality raw material supply and convenient logistics channels. It helps to ensure the stability of production and reduce procurement costs.

Brand influence: Having high visibility and brand influence in the market helps to enhance product competitiveness and win customer trust.

Diversified industrial layout: In addition to the main business of steel, IBC Group is also involved in other related industries to achieve the extension and diversified development of the industrial chain and reduce business risks.

Environmental protection and sustainable development ability: pay attention to environmental protection investment, implement clean production, actively promote sustainable development, and meet the environmental protection requirements of modern society.

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