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Cold drawn wire is a kind of high strength steel wire processed by cold drawn technology. The steel wire is forced to stretch the steel bar under normal temperature conditions by tensile stress exceeding the strength of the original steel bar yield point.

After plastic deformation, the yield point strength of steel bar can be improved and steel can be saved. It has the characteristics of high surface finish, stable mechanical properties and good dimensional accuracy. And it has good toughness, high strength and excellent bending properties.

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Production Process

1. Pretreatment: Workers inspect the raw materials of the processed steel. After passing, pickling, cold rolling, pickling, roll cleaning, etc., in order to obtain the appropriate physical structure and chemical composition. This makes the surface of the steel cleaner and finer.

2. Cold drawing: The worker will handle the steel through the drawing machine for multiple production and processing. This can reduce the cross-sectional area of the steel and obtain a thin steel wire. This stage has high requirements for equipment. It is necessary to meet the requirements of tension, wire diameter, speed and other factors.

3. Quenching: The surface of the steel wire after drawing is cooled rapidly by the quenching furnace. This further increases the strength of the wire. At the same time, this also eliminates the residual stress inside the wire. The steel wire will have better mechanical properties.

cold drawn wire

Applications of Cold Drawn Wire

1. Construction industry: Concrete structure reinforcement, wall prefabricated panel, building steel mesh, building prestress and other aspects are inseparable from it. For example, steel wire mesh made of this steel can strengthen the crack resistance and impact resistance of concrete members.

2. Machinery industry: It can also manufacture all kinds of spring, gear, bearing and other parts in the machinery industry, as well as the production of high-strength, high-precision steel wire rope, cable and other products. For example, it can make brake lines that are installed on cars.

cold drawn steel wire

As for the operation of cold drawn wire, it may involve specific equipment operations, such as steel cold drawing machine, drawing machine, etc. The operation of these devices should follow the relevant operating procedures and safety standards to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the safety of the operator.

For example, the operation of the steel bar cold drawing machine should pay attention to the selection of the appropriate elevator. After the worker ensures that the lifting wire rope is at a right Angle to the steel bar, it is necessary to maintain a slow and even speed during the cold drawing process. When there is a stop signal or someone enters the unsafe area, stop pulling immediately and relax the winding rope. After the operation, relax the winding wire rope, drop the counterweight, cut off the power supply, and lock the switch box.

In general, the performance, production process and application field of cold-drawn steel wire are diverse, and its operation also needs to follow strict procedures and standards.

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