Roll Forming Machine

The roll forming machine is based on the principle of powder grinding. It mainly consists of two extrusion rolls that rotate simultaneously. One of them is fixed and the other one is active.

Through these two rollers, the material is subjected to 100-150MPa high pressure. And it is squeezed into a dense cake and discharged from the lower part of the machine.

Roll Forming Machine

Operating Steps

1. Connect the power supply and hydraulic system to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment and hydraulic system.

2. Place the metal plate or pipe to be treated between the rollers. Adjust the position and spacing of the rollers, and ensure that the metal material can pass smoothly between the rollers.

3. Adjust the position and Angle of the roller to fit the desired pressing and bending shape.

4. Start the electrical control system and start the pressing process. According to the required operation, you can choose different operation modes, such as one-way, circular, continuous, etc.

5. In the operation process, pay close attention to the pressure, speed and displacement parameters in the pressing process to ensure the quality and safety of the operation.

6. After reaching the predetermined pressing effect, stop the operation of the roller press, remove the metal plate or pipe, and carry out the necessary treatment and subsequent operations.

What is roll forming machine

Advantages of Roll Forming Machine

1. Increase output: Through high pressure load transfer and mutual extrusion between materials, material deformation, tearing, crushing. This can give full play to the potential capacity of the grinding equipment and increase the yield by 50-100%.

2. Reduce power consumption: After grinding, the particle size of the material is greatly reduced. And the work index decreased significantly. This can improve the grinding conditions of the subsequent mill, reduce the unit power consumption of the entire grinding system, and the energy saving effect is significant.

3. Save investment: the roll forming machine has simple structure, small size, light weight, and occupies small factory space. It can save civil construction investment, and also facilitate the transformation of the original grinding system.

4. Easy development: Processing, transportation, heat treatment and other conditions can not limit its development and use.

Application of roll forming machine


1. Automobile manufacturing industry: the production of automobile door frame, top strip, decorative strip, various guides and other body parts.

2. Construction industry: Manufacturing structural materials, such as steel columns, sections, steel pipes, etc. In addition, the construction of houses and Bridges is also inseparable from its figure.

3. Manufacturing industry: Manufacturing a variety of metal materials and parts, such as wheels, engine parts, aviation and aerospace parts.

4. Metal processing industry: processing sheet and plate. It is capable of rolling flat metal into sheets or plates before proceeding to the next step of processing.

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