Embossed Door Skin Sheet | Brief Introduction

Embossed door skin sheet is a door panel with a specific texture or pattern, usually through the embossed process to form a variety of beautiful patterns or textures on the surface of the door panel.

The door panel is not only decorative, but also can enhance the wear resistance, anti-slip and other properties of the door panel. They are widely used in the interior decoration of homes, offices, hotels and other places, adding a unique artistic atmosphere and style to the interior space.

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Manufacturing Process

1. Material selection: First of all, choose high-quality raw materials, such as high-density fiberboard (HDF) or medium density fiberboard (MDF). These materials have good stability and plasticity, providing a good basis for the subsequent embossing process.

2. Surface treatment: Surface treatment of the selected material, such as grinding, cleaning and drying, to ensure that the surface is smooth and smooth. No stains and moisture, thus improving the embossing effect.

3. Embossing process: The worker will design the embossing pattern or texture through the professional embossing machine imprint on the surface of the door panel. In this process, workers need to control the temperature and pressure of the embossing machine. This ensures that the pattern or texture is clearly printed on the surface of the door panel.

4. Curing treatment: After embossed, it is necessary for workers to cure the door panel to make its shape and pattern more stable. This step usually needs to be carried out under certain temperature and humidity conditions.

5. Final treatment: Workers need to trim, polish and clean the door panel to make it meet the final use requirements.

Embossed Door Skin Sheet

Advantages of Embossed Door Skin Sheet

1. Beautiful and generous: The surface of the embossed door skin sheet has a unique pattern and texture, making the overall door panel look more beautiful and generous. It can enhance the decorative effect of the home.

2. Strong durability: The door panel has high durability and is not susceptible to moisture, deformation and fading. This is because it uses high-quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing processes.

3. Environmental health: It strictly controls the use of harmful substances in the production process, meets environmental standards, and is harmless to the human body.

4. Easy to clean: the surface of the door is smooth and smooth, not easy to accumulate dust. And it is very convenient to clean.

5. Strong applicability: It is suitable for a variety of home styles and spatial layouts, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc. It can meet the individual needs of different users.

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