HDP PPGI Steel Coils

HDP PPGI steel coils are a kind of color steel coil material with excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance and decorative properties. Workers perform a series of pre-treatments on the surface of the substrate and then apply a color coating. They usually use polymer materials such as polyester (PE) as coatings to give them better durability and stability.

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Characteristics of HDP PPGI Steel Coils

1. Bright color: PPGI steel coil color is bright and beautiful, can meet the individual needs of different customers.

2. High durability: Due to the use of polyester and other polymer materials as coating, this steel coil has excellent weather resistance and thermal stability. So it can keep its color and performance stable for a long time.

3. Good corrosion resistance: its surface coating can effectively isolate air and moisture, thereby preventing corrosion and rust of the substrate.

HDP PPGI Steel Coils

Production Process

1. Substrate preparation: the selection of high-quality cold-rolled sheet as the substrate, the necessary cutting and pretreatment.

2. Pretreatment: pretreatment of the substrate such as degreasing, cleaning and drying to ensure the adhesion between the coating and the substrate.

3. Color coating: After pretreatment, workers will coat polymer materials such as polyester on the surface of the substrate to form a color coating.

4. Curing treatment: Workers will cure the coating by heating and other methods to improve its weather resistance and durability.

5. Winding and packaging: the cured color steel coil is winding and packaging for transportation and storage.



HDP PPGI steel coils have been widely used in construction industry, home appliance industry, automobile industry, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry because of its bright color, high durability and good corrosion resistance. For example, in the field of construction, this steel coil can be used for decoration and protection of roofs, walls, doors and Windows. In the field of home appliances, it can be used in the manufacture of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other shells. It can be used for the manufacture and decoration of car body, door and other parts in the automotive field.

In short, it is known for its excellent performance and wide range of application fields. At present, it has become one of the important materials in the field of modern industry and construction.

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