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Embossed door skin sheet is a door that is embossed by a special machine to make the door face have a beautiful pattern and texture. This kind of door panel is usually made of two wood planks with heartwood or solid wood splicing processing, because of its beautiful appearance and relatively low price, it is widely used in the decoration of family doors.

Embossed Door Skin Sheet

Production Process of Embossed Door Skin Sheet

1. Material preparation: Select high-quality raw materials, such as medium density fiberboard (MDF) or solid wood multilayer board, etc., to ensure the robustness and durability of the door panel.

2. Surface treatment: Surface treatment of raw materials, such as sanding, deburring, etc., to make the surface smooth and smooth, ready for subsequent embossing treatment.

3. Embossing treatment: The designed pattern is imprinted on the surface of the door panel by a professional embossing machine to form a unique embossing effect. In the embossing process, it is necessary to pay attention to the control of parameters such as pressure and temperature to ensure that the pattern is clear and beautiful.

4. Color processing: According to needs, color processing of the door panel to make its color more rich and diverse. During the coloring process, pay attention to the uniformity and adhesion of the color.

5. Drying treatment: the door panel will be dried to ensure that the color and embossing effect is more stable and lasting.

6. Inspection and packaging: Quality inspection of the production of good door panels to ensure compliance with standard requirements. It is then packaged to protect the door panels from damage during transport.

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Performance Feature of Embossed Door Skin Sheet

1. Green environmental protection without radiation: embossed door skin sheet  strictly avoid the release of harmful substances in the production process, and will not cause harm to human health and the environment. At the same time, it has no radiation pollution and is a safe and healthy decoration material.

2. Style and luxury: Its surface has been carefully designed and treated to present a high-end luxury visual effect. It can enhance the overall decoration grade and taste.

3. Waterproof and easy to clean: it has good waterproof performance and is not easy to be deformed by moisture. At the same time, its surface is smooth and delicate, not easy to accumulate dust, and it is very convenient to clean.

4. No oil, heat resistance, wear resistance: it has a certain oil resistance, not easy to be contaminated with oil. At the same time, it can also withstand high temperature and wear, long service life.

5, no cracking, durable: it is made of high-quality materials, through precision machining. It has good toughness and stability, and is not easy to crack and other problems. At the same time, its surface has been specially treated, has strong weather resistance and durability, and can remain beautiful and practical for a long time.

6. Decorative: Its surface has a variety of patterns and colors to choose from. This can be coordinated with different decoration styles and environments to enhance the overall decoration effect and beauty.

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