EN10111 DD14 Automotive Steel

Making a car out of steel is a basic endeavor for modern people. However, many people’s understanding of automotive steel is still at the stage of low carbon steel. In fact, in recent decades, people’s research on automotive steel has been great strides forward, and the strength and corrosion resistance of steel have been greatly improved. IBC Group is able to provide customers with higher quality automotive steel.

IBC Metal Group

Supply Range

Steel Sheets Dimension:

Thickness: 2mm-100mm

Width: 760mm-1, 870mm

Length: as customers’ requirement

Carbon steel sheets EN 10111 DD14 have excellent cold formability. EN10111 DD14 automotive steel plates are characterized by outstanding formability. In order to ensure the formability of a steel, its chemical composition and subsequent processing parameters must be carefully controlled. Deep-drawing and bending are possible with DD14 steel.


Chemical Composition and Properties

The soft unalloyed deep-drawing steels of the hot-rolled DD grade family according to DIN EN 10111 offer excellent forming properties and good aging resistance. In addition to the yield strength and tensile strength, deep-drawing steel grades also have a minimum elongation at break that is assured.

In addition, manufacturers can also add nitrogen fixing elements such as titanium and boron for customers. Such a manufacturing process can make the material easy to form when pressed, and the formed material has a fairly high strength.


Product Development Trend

Advances in production technology have made the use of new types of aluminum and magnesium alloys more common. Due to the characteristics of plastics and composite materials, many automobile companies like to use hot-rolled steel as steel for automobile girders, wheel steel, pipe structure steel and so on.

IBC Group can provide customers with higher quality steel products. As well as EN10111, we also have material of JIS G3131, JIS G3132, JIS G3141, JIS G4051 and EN10149, EN10025 and DIN, among others. If you want to experience more perfect service, just send an email to the mailbox below!

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