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LSAW pipe is a single medium thick plate as raw material. The steel plate is pressed (rolled) into the tube blank in the mold or forming machine. And the pipe is formed by double-sided submerged arc welding and expanded diameter.

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Main Feature of LSAW Pipe

(1)The steel pipe has a longitudinal weld, whether it is an internal weld or an external weld, which is welded by a submerged arc welding.

(2)The stress inside the pipe is not only small, but also evenly distributed after the whole expansion treatment. This can effectively prevent cracking caused by stress corrosion. In addition, it has high dimensional accuracy and is convenient for on-site welding construction.

(3)Using the pre-welding and post-fine welding process, the welding process is stable and the weld quality is high.

(4) The weld is easy to achieve non-destructive testing in the production process and non-destructive testing review in the field during use.

(5) The product specification range is large, can produce small diameter, large wall thickness can also produce large diameter, large wall thickness steel pipe.

LSAW pipe


1. Water supply and drainage projects: urban and rural water supply and drainage projects, mainly including domestic sewage pipes, stormwater pipes and industrial wastewater pipes.

2. City gas project: city gas pipeline project, mainly responsible for transporting city gas to each user’s gas meter.

3. Industrial transportation pipelines: various industrial transportation pipelines, such as transporting oil, natural gas, chemical raw materials and other pipelines.

4. Environmental protection engineering: such as pollutant treatment, exhaust gas emission and other pipelines.

LSAW pipe | IBC

Why IBC Group

IBC Group can supply all sizes of LSAW pipe to customers, and can also customize specifications, grades and lengths according to requirements.

Specification: API 5L PSL 1/PSL2; En10219; A671/A672; ASTM A252

Steel Grade: Grade A; Grade B; X42; X46; X52; X56; X60; X65; X70; X80 and etc. S275JRH; S275J0H; S275J2H; S355JRH; S355J0H; S355J2H; CL10 ~ CL13; CA55; B65; B70; C70; Gr.2/Gr.3;

Outside Diameter (O.D.): 406.4mm ~ 1524mm

Wall Thickness: 5.0mm ~ 40mm or more

Length: 3M ~ 12.5M

Pipe End: Beveled End, Plain ends

ASME SA204 Pressure Vessel Plates

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