Pipe Fittings – Classification and Function

Pipe fittings are parts that connect pipes or pipes to equipment and are usually made of steel, cast iron, plastic or other alloy materials. In the project, choosing the appropriate pipe fitting can ensure the safe operation of the pipeline system.

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1. Common type: refers to the parts used to connect the same kind of pipe, including elbow, tee, four-way, reducing pipe, flange, etc.

2. Special type: according to different pipe connection methods, it can be divided into welding parts, threaded connectors, flange connectors, clamp connectors, welding parts, etc.

3. Decorative type: Often used in building decoration or civil pipeline system, including pipe cover, pipe plug, spherical cover, etc.

4. Pipe pad: Usually used in high temperature, high pressure or chemical corrosion conditions, used to slow the leakage of the pipeline or reduce the stress of the pipeline a special kind of pipe fittings.

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1. Chemical industry: The chemical industry often uses plastic parts and cast iron parts to connect all kinds of equipment through pipeline connections to form a flow process.

2. Petrochemical industry: The pipe fittings used by petroleum, natural gas and other petrochemical enterprises are mostly stainless steel and carbon steel parts for welding, clamp connection or flange connection.

3. Food industry: food production enterprises use stainless steel parts to ensure that the connection does not pollute the food.

4. Medical industry: plastic parts and cast iron parts are commonly used in hospitals to connect medical equipment and medical gas pipelines.

5. Air conditioning industry: The pipe connection in the air conditioning system uses elbow, straight, tee, tee and other pipe fittings. The selection of different connection methods and materials directly affects the performance of air conditioning system.

pipe fittings' classfication

At present, IBC Group offers pipe fittings in a variety of sizes and materials for customers to choose from. Before the sale, we will understand the actual needs of customers in detail and tailor the service plan for them. After sale, we will provide technical guidance for deep processing. If there is any quality problem, we can return the product for free or send new products to customers.

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